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990 Report

Td Charitable Foundation - EIN 141864317

Falmouth, ME - Instrumentl

Instrumentl creates easy-to-read 990 Reports based on digitized IRS Form 990s for thousands of private foundation and nonprofits to make it easier for you to find good fit funders like Td Charitable Foundation.

Based on most recent IRS 990 filing (2022)

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Overview for Td Charitable Foundation

990 Forms as PDFs for Td Charitable Foundation

Contact Information for Td Charitable Foundation

Key People at Td Charitable Foundation

Title Name
Chairman Nick Miceli
Vice Chairman Sheryl Mcquade
Treasurer Shelley Sylva
Director Hugh Allen
Director Matthew Boss

Key Financial Stats for Td Charitable Foundation


Past Grantees of Td Charitable Foundation

There were 994 awards in 2022. Who received these awards, and where are they located?

This organization did not e-file for 2021, so Instrumentl is unable to provide 990 insights. Starting in 2020, e-filings are required.

You can always refer to the 990 PDFs.

There were 1,213 awards in 2020. Who received these awards, and where are they located?

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