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990 Report

Warren Alpert Foundation - EIN 050426623

Providence, RI - Instrumentl

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Based on most recent IRS 990 filing (2022)

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Overview for Warren Alpert Foundation

990 Forms as PDFs for Warren Alpert Foundation

Contact Information for Warren Alpert Foundation

Key People at Warren Alpert Foundation

Title Name
Director/Exec Dir/Treasurer August Schiesser
Director Barbara Mcneil
Director/Investment Chair Daniel Schmitt
Chairman Of The Board David Hirsch
Director Fred J Schiffman

Key Financial Stats for Warren Alpert Foundation

Past Grantees of Warren Alpert Foundation

There were 82 awards in 2022. Who received these awards, and where are they located?

Note: Some locations were not provided

There were 66 awards in 2021. Who received these awards, and where are they located?

There were 66 awards in 2020. Who received these awards, and where are they located?

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