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Grant Prospecting

Narrow down your matches to the best fit opportunities

Get more focused matches by refining your Field of Work keywords

Keywords have a major impact on the quality of your grant matches.

By selecting more specific keywords that hit “the nail on the head” for your program’s mission, you’ll remove broader matches that may not be as good of a fit.

Understand Keyword Coloring to get more specific matches

Each of the gray, yellow, and green highlighted colors in your matches explain why a grant was matched to your project.

By spotting trends in the keyword coloring, you can further iterate on your own project’s keyword selection to find more specific matches for your program.

Prioritize your funders by filtering down your Matches

Now that you’ve refined your keywords, you can Sort and Filter your matches to prioritize which funder types and funding uses to review first.

Use the Matches search bar to filter your opportunities by keyword too.

Understand a funder’s past giving trends by analyzing their 990 reports

A funder’s 990 report contains rich data on their historical giving trends, so you can easily tell if they’ve awarded similar grants to your location, the historical grant $ amounts, and if they've awarded similar giving purposes to the funding purpose you are looking for.

990 insights will also reveal how open a funder is to brand new grantees, or if they're focused on giving to their repeat grantees.

Grant Tracking & Management

Streamline your team’s deadlines and keep teammates in the loop

Set up Tasks to stay on top of your to-dos and move your applications forward

Within any grants you're working on, create your next action items as Tasks so you can get these LOIs and proposals submitted on time.

With Tasks, you can set up automatic deadline reminders for yourself and your teammates to complete internal milestones, submit LOIs, and submit all reporting requirements for your awarded grants.

Bring your grants data to one place by adding past opportunities you’ve worked on

Want to add a funder you heard about outside of Instrumentl, or bring in opportunities you've been keeping track of in an Excel spreadsheet?

By importing all your historical opportunities to your Tracker, you’ll get automatically notified of any funder updates to a grant, link historical opportunities to the funder's 990 report, and centralize all your work into one source of truth.

Impress your boss (or clients) with weekly reports

Make yourself look good to your board or teammates by sharing customized PDF or Excel reports of your Saved grants.

Bonus: PDF reports have interactive links for your colleagues to deep dive into your opportunities, even if they don't have Instrumentl access!

Advanced Prospecting with Funder Matches & Recipient Profiles

Discover who has funded nonprofits like yours, and smaller family foundations who may be invite only or don’t have websites

Note: These features are only available on our Standard and Professional plans.

Discover invite-only funders and those without websites with Funder Matches

Want to find those under the radar, smaller family foundations with less of an online presence?

Dive into your Funder Matches to discover a whole new list of funders that have given to your field of work and your locations, and start building long term relationships to win those awards year after year.

Look up organizations like yours to see who has funded them with Recipient Profiles

Use Recipient Profiles to look up any grant recipient and see their list of funders, and build a whole new list of prospects in minutes!

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