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400+ New York Grants for Nonprofits in the United States for your nonprofit

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300+ New York Grants for Nonprofits over $5K in average grant size

55 New York Grants for Nonprofits supporting general operating expenses

300+ New York Grants for Nonprofits supporting programs / projects

Top Focus Areas

addiction-and-substance-abuse-grants grants
Addiction and Substance Abuse Grants
affordable-housing-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Affordable Housing Grants for Nonprofits
aging-grants grants
Aging Grants
arts-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Arts Grants for Nonprofits
capacity-building-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Capacity Building Grants for Nonprofits
child-welfare-grants grants
Child Welfare Grants
community-development-and-employment-grants grants
Community Development Grants
community-health-grants grants
Community Health Grants
corporate-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Corporate Grants for Nonprofits
crime-grants grants
Crime Grants
cycling-grants grants
Cycling Grants
disaster-preparedness-and-relief-grants grants
Disaster Preparedness and Relief Grants
diversity-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Diversity Grants for Nonprofits
emergency-preparedness-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Emergency Preparedness Grants for Nonprofits
energy-efficiency-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Energy Efficiency Grants for Nonprofits
environmental-education-grants grants
Environmental Education Grants
financial-assistance-grants grants
Financial Assistance Grants
food-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Food Grants for Nonprofits
foundation-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Foundation Grants for Nonprofits
garden-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Garden Grants for Nonprofits
grants-for-501-c-3 grants
Grants for 501(c)(3)
grants-for-after-school-programs grants
Grants for After School Programs
grants-for-autism-programs grants
Grants for Autism Programs
grants-for-beekeeping grants
Grants for Beekeeping
grants-for-bipoc grants
Grants for BIPOC
grants-for-capital-funding grants
Grants for Capital Funding
grants-for-charities grants
Grants for Charities
grants-for-charter-schools grants
Grants for Charter Schools
grants-for-children grants
Grants for Children
grants-for-christian-nonprofits grants
Grants for Christian Nonprofits
grants-for-churches grants
Grants for Churches
grants-for-church-repairs grants
Grants for Church Repairs
grants-for-community-centers grants
Grants for Community Centers
grants-for-computers-for-nonprofits grants
Grants for Computers for Nonprofits
grants-for-conflict-resolution grants
Grants for Conflict Resolution
grants-for-creative-writing grants
Grants for Creative Writing
grants-for-criminal-justice grants
Grants for Criminal Justice
grants-for-dance-nonprofit-organizations grants
Grants for Dance Nonprofit Organizations
grants-for-education-nonprofits grants
Grants for Education Nonprofits
grants-for-elementary-education grants
Grants for Elementary Education
grants-for-environmental-conservation grants
Grants for Environmental Conservation
grants-for-environmental-justice grants
Grants for Environmental Justice
grants-for-environmental-projects grants
Grants for Environmental Projects
grants-for-equine-nonprofits grants
Grants for Equine Nonprofits
grants-for-farmers grants
Grants for Farmers
grants-for-food-pantries grants
Grants for Food Pantries
grants-for-global-health grants
Grants for Global Health
grants-for-grassroots-organizations grants
Grants for Grassroots Organizations
grants-for-hispanic-nonprofits grants
Grants for Hispanic Nonprofits
grants-for-historic-buildings grants
Grants for Historic Buildings
grants-for-hiv-aids grants
Grants for HIV / AIDS
grants-for-human-trafficking-nonprofits grants
Grants for Human Trafficking Nonprofits
grants-for-immigration-nonprofits grants
Grants for Immigration Nonprofits
grants-for-international-development grants
Grants for International Development
grants-for-jewish-nonprofits grants
Grants for Jewish Nonprofits
grants-for-journalism grants
Grants for Journalism
grants-for-k-12-schools grants
Grants for K-12 Schools
grants-for-land-conservation grants
Grants for Land Conservation
grants-for-lgbtq-nonprofits grants
Grants for LGBTQ Nonprofits
grants-for-mentoring-programs grants
Grants for Mentoring Programs
grants-for-minorities grants
Grants for Minorities
grants-for-multiple-sclerosis-patients grants
Grants for Multiple Sclerosis Patients
grants-for-museums grants
Grants for Museums
grants-for-musical-instruments grants
Grants for Musical Instruments
grants-for-music-education grants
Grants for Music Education
grants-for-native-americans grants
Grants for Native Americans
grants-for-new-nonprofits grants
Grants for New Nonprofits
grants-for-nonprofit-child-care-centers grants
Grants for Nonprofit Child Care Centers
grants-for-nonprofit-healthcare-programs grants
Grants for Nonprofit Healthcare Programs
grants-for-nonprofit-human-services grants
Grants for Nonprofit Human Services
grants-for-nonprofits-serving-disabled grants
Grants for Nonprofits Serving Disabled
grants-for-performing-arts grants
Grants for Performing Arts
grants-for-preschools grants
Grants for Preschools
grants-for-public-health grants
Grants for Public Health
grants-for-religious-nonprofits grants
Grants for Religious Nonprofits
grants-for-reproductive-health grants
Grants for Reproductive Health
grants-for-science-research grants
Grants for Science Research
grants-for-science-teachers grants
Grants for Science Teachers
grants-for-seniors grants
Grants for Seniors
grants-for-small-nonprofits grants
Grants for Small Nonprofits
grants-for-solar-panels-for-nonprofits grants
Grants for Solar Panels for Nonprofits
grants-for-special-education grants
Grants for Special Education
grants-for-teachers grants
Grants for Teachers
grants-for-teachers-continuing-education grants
Grants for Teachers Continuing Education
grants-for-teachers-in-texas grants
Grants for Teachers in Texas
grants-for-the-arts grants
Grants for the Arts
grants-for-theater grants
Grants for Theater
grants-for-theatre-equipment grants
Grants for Theatre Equipment
grants-for-veteran-nonprofit-organizations grants
Grants for Veteran Nonprofit Organizations
grants-for-visual-artists grants
Grants for Visual Artists
grants-for-women grants
Grants for Women
health-and-medical-grants grants
Health and Medical Grants
health-and-wellness-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Health and Wellness Grants for Nonprofits
health-care-grants grants
Health Care Grants
hearing-and-vision grants
Hearing and Vision Grants
higher-education-grants grants
Higher Education Grants
history-grants grants
History Grants
homelessness-grants grants
Homelessness Grants
housing-grants grants
Housing Grants
human-and-social-service-grants grants
Human and Social Service Grants
human-rights-grants grants
Human Rights Grants
large-grants-for-nonprofit-organizations grants
Large Grants for Nonprofit Organizations
literacy-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Literacy Grants for Nonprofits
marine-grants grants
Marine Grants
marketing-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Marketing Grants for Nonprofits
music-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Music Grants for Nonprofits
nursing-grants grants
Nursing Grants
operating-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Operating Grants for Nonprofits
organic-farming-and-agriculture-grants grants
Organic Farming and Agriculture Grants
plant-grants grants
Plant Grants
playground-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Playground Grants for Nonprofits
preservation-grants grants
Preservation Grants
private-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Private Grants for Nonprofits
professional-development-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Professional Development Grants for Nonprofits
professional-development-grants-for-teachers grants
Professional Development Grants for Teachers
quality-of-life-grants grants
Quality of Life Grants
recreation-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Recreation Grants for Nonprofits
seed-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Seed Grants for Nonprofits
small-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Small Grants for Nonprofits
social-justice-grants grants
Social Justice Grants
stem-education-grants grants
STEM Education Grants
technology-grants grants
Technology Grants
transportation-grants grants
Transportation Grants
travel-and-tourism-grants grants
Travel and Tourism Grants
unrestricted-grants-for-nonprofits grants
Unrestricted Grants for Nonprofits
water-grants grants
Water Grants
wildlife-grants grants
Wildlife Grants
women-s-shelters-grants grants
Women's Shelters Grants
workforce-grants grants
Workforce Grants

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