Foundations in Anaheim, CA

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See whether funders in Anaheim have relevant grant opportunities for your nonprofit. There are currently 139 foundations in Anaheim with $3.64 billion in total assets. Select each funder to view their Instrumentl profile to see active grant opportunities, funding priorities, financial history, and more.

Top Foundations by Total Giving in Anaheim, CA

Funder Name Total Giving Location
Near East Organization Inc $5,010,267 Anaheim, CA
Living Stream $3,020,238 Anaheim, CA
Hoi Bao Tro Dong Nu Ty Chua Giesu Tinh Thuong $1,410,000 Anaheim, CA
Angels Baseball Foundation Inc $1,219,363 Anaheim, CA
Association Of The Apostles Of Don Bosco Inc $1,060,100 Anaheim, CA
Anaheim Community Foundation $939,142 Anaheim, CA
Anderson Silva Foundation $929,445 Anaheim, CA
Ellis Family Charitable Foundation $901,840 Anaheim, CA
Giving University $895,415 Anaheim, CA
Planned Parenthood Affiliates Of California Inc $600,000 Anaheim, CA
Jonathan And Theresa Lee Family Foundation $600,000 Anaheim, CA
Credit Union Of Southern California $532,973 Anaheim, CA
Planned Parenthood Orange And San Bernardino Counties Inc $500,000 Anaheim, CA
Irvine Ice Foundation $369,444 Anaheim, CA
The Ganga Hansji Foundation $320,358 Anaheim, CA
Khayami Foundation $300,000 Anaheim, CA
Familia Gonzalez Reynoso Foundation $280,546 Anaheim, CA
Hennings Fischer Foundation $274,500 Anaheim, CA
Sgt Mark Antonowitsch Foundation $256,750 Anaheim, CA
Enlightenu $256,000 Anaheim, CA
Support Of Retired Sisters In Viet Nam $248,600 Anaheim, CA
Smart Village Movement Inc $248,310 Anaheim, CA
West Coast Islamic Society $246,718 Anaheim, CA
The 6 18 Foundation For Hope $220,248 Anaheim, CA
Caring For Orphans Mozambique $215,990 Anaheim, CA

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San Francisco $29,745,545,645
Los Angeles $12,432,721,599
Mountain View $7,277,864,430
South San Francisco $6,406,714,385
Goleta $5,871,717,042