Foundations in Ojai, CA

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See whether funders in Ojai have relevant grant opportunities for your nonprofit. There are currently 42 foundations in Ojai with $464 million in total assets. Select each funder to view their Instrumentl profile to see active grant opportunities, funding priorities, financial history, and more.

Top Foundations by Total Giving in Ojai, CA

Funder Name Total Giving Location
The Thacher School Inc $4,599,642 Ojai, CA
Monimos Foundation $2,774,226 Ojai, CA
Ojai Valley School $2,491,791 Ojai, CA
Shanbrom Fam Foundation $1,010,000 Ojai, CA
Ojai Valley Community Hospital Fdn $795,766 Ojai, CA
Turtle Conservancy $777,028 Ojai, CA
Krishnamurti Foundation Of America $735,181 Ojai, CA
World Family Foundation $379,237 Ojai, CA
Global Resource Alliance Inc $301,215 Ojai, CA
Peruvian American Endowment Inc $301,100 Ojai, CA
Oppenheimer Family Foundation $262,500 Ojai, CA
Rotary Club Of Ojai Educational Foundation Inc $218,000 Ojai, CA
Mother Of Divine Grace Inc $198,011 Ojai, CA
The Scheerer Family Foundation $121,000 Ojai, CA
Monica Ros School Inc $115,107 Ojai, CA
Loving Giving Serving All $74,428 Ojai, CA
Evangelism Alive International Inc $60,874 Ojai, CA
Kapadia Education Foundation Inc $59,334 Ojai, CA
Foundation For Conscious Living $47,900 Ojai, CA
The Zannon Family Foundation $45,000 Ojai, CA
Nehemiah Restoration Fund $44,779 Ojai, CA
The Ojai Civic Association $43,600 Ojai, CA
The Weil Academy Student Athlete Scholarship Fund $33,000 Ojai, CA
Ojai Community Farmers Market $29,835 Ojai, CA
Tibetan Aid Foundation Inc $17,614 Ojai, CA

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San Francisco $29,745,545,645
Los Angeles $12,432,721,599
Mountain View $7,277,864,430
South San Francisco $6,406,714,385
Goleta $5,871,717,042