Foundations in Ontario, CA

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See whether funders in Ontario have relevant grant opportunities for your nonprofit. There are currently 39 foundations in Ontario with $2.14 billion in total assets. Select each funder to view their Instrumentl profile to see active grant opportunities, funding priorities, financial history, and more.

Top Foundations by Total Giving in Ontario, CA

Funder Name Total Giving Location
Inland Southern California 211 $156,104,743 Ontario, CA
Dk Kim Foundation Inc $1,558,625 Ontario, CA
Building Bridges Foster Family Agency $1,471,534 Ontario, CA
Ontario Christian School Association $851,670 Ontario, CA
Cardenas Markets Foundation $431,928 Ontario, CA
Ontario Christian School Foundation $350,000 Ontario, CA
John P Previti Memorial Foundation $217,396 Ontario, CA
Wirsiys Rays Of Hope Foundation $206,166 Ontario, CA
Hmc Designing Futures Foundation $181,623 Ontario, CA
Jenneh Farms $154,160 Ontario, CA
Lester B Millard Testamentary Trust $125,619 Ontario, CA
Jenneh Foundation $115,008 Ontario, CA
Scpga Foundation Inc $111,600 Ontario, CA
John Jack Pick Trust 1015028906 $89,446 Ontario, CA
California Credit Union League $83,219 Ontario, CA
Inland Christian Home Foundation Inc $63,821 Ontario, CA
Prime Healthcare Foundation Inc $55,798 Ontario, CA
Alice Colby Wheeler Scholarship Fund 1020003308 $37,716 Ontario, CA
Southern California Section Of Pga $37,544 Ontario, CA
The Hhmc Foundation $34,286 Ontario, CA
Western Cuna Management School $33,575 Ontario, CA
Ontario Professional Firefighters Foundation $28,970 Ontario, CA
International Association Of Fire Fighters $25,568 Ontario, CA
Ontario Montclair Schools Foundation $22,600 Ontario, CA
Pasadena Area Opera Trust $20,000 Ontario, CA

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City Total Giving
San Francisco $29,791,250,354
Los Angeles $12,431,417,264
Mountain View $7,277,850,880
South San Francisco $6,406,714,385
Goleta $5,871,717,042