Foundations in Clinton, IA

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Top Foundations by Total Giving in Clinton, IA

Funder Name Total Giving Location
Clinton County Gaming Association Ltd $1,877,695 Clinton, IA
Mercy Healthcare Foundation Clinton $929,913 Clinton, IA
Albaghdadi Family Medical Foundation $611,150 Clinton, IA
River Cities Information $415,809 Clinton, IA
Paul B Sharar Foundation For Clinton Campus $230,131 Clinton, IA
Bargain Bonanza Inc $217,172 Clinton, IA
Mount Saint Clare Education Charitable Trust $177,500 Clinton, IA
Victory Center Ministries Inc $113,315 Clinton, IA
Genevieve Gabriel Tr $98,218 Clinton, IA
Rasheed Family Foundation $95,175 Clinton, IA
Prince Of Peace School Foundation $55,851 Clinton, IA
Allison Everett Pearson Foundation $55,000 Clinton, IA
Charles J Dannatt Trust $52,697 Clinton, IA
Mercy Medical Center Clinton Inc $49,474 Clinton, IA
Mercy Auxiliary $37,000 Clinton, IA
River King & Queen Athletic Booster Club $34,535 Clinton, IA
Tarsus Charitable Foundation $25,873 Clinton, IA
The Atalanta Foundation $18,500 Clinton, IA
Bob Finch Memorial Fund $17,455 Clinton, IA
Clizbe Family Foundation $15,000 Clinton, IA
Clinton Rotary Club $14,635 Clinton, IA
Mobile Meals United Inc $9,357 Clinton, IA
Regina J Gill Scholarship Fund $7,624 Clinton, IA
Dorothy Footitt Scholarship Fund Committee $4,000 Clinton, IA
Grace I And Mary E Disbrow Scholarship Foundation $2,600 Clinton, IA

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City Total Giving
Des Moines $1,207,013,045
Iowa City $460,423,949
Cedar Rapids $380,245,690
Dubuque $296,886,532
West Burlington $267,622,044