Foundations in Monsey, NY

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Top Foundations by Total Giving in Monsey, NY

Funder Name Total Giving Location
Tov Vchesed Foundation Inc $12,797,055 Monsey, NY
Friends Of Ahavath Shalom Inc $11,580,000 Monsey, NY
European Jewish Association Inc $9,119,969 Monsey, NY
Tomchai Torah Beretz Yisrael Inc $9,086,650 Monsey, NY
Tomche Shabbos Of Rockland County $8,631,679 Monsey, NY
American Freinds Of The Kiev Jewish Community $7,232,837 Monsey, NY
Chavrusa Care Us Inc $6,219,322 Monsey, NY
Kupath Ezrah Of Rockland County Inc $4,626,718 Monsey, NY
The Fls Foundation Inc $3,988,171 Monsey, NY
The Weiskopf Family Foundation $3,516,657 Monsey, NY
Mms Family Foundation Inc $3,341,390 Monsey, NY
David & Chaya Zahler Foundation Inc $3,221,212 Monsey, NY
Hamaspik Of Rockland County Inc $3,069,566 Monsey, NY
Jewish Lifeline Network Inc $2,970,601 Monsey, NY
American Friends Of Netiv Aryeh Inc $2,765,100 Monsey, NY
Congregation Rav Lehoshia Inc $2,720,345 Monsey, NY
Moshe Eichler Fund Inc $2,436,870 Monsey, NY
Bnos Yerushlayim $2,369,820 Monsey, NY
Moshchainy $2,182,367 Monsey, NY
Limudei Da'as Inc $1,999,500 Monsey, NY
The Dct Foundation $1,900,000 Monsey, NY
American Friends Of The Rabbinical College Kol Torah Inc $1,858,000 Monsey, NY
Agudas Tov V'chesed Inc $1,785,138 Monsey, NY
Cheder Chabad Of Monsey $1,742,876 Monsey, NY
Us Friends Of Yad Ezrah Inc $1,677,210 Monsey, NY

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City Total Giving
New York $80,264,185,570
Brooklyn $4,871,828,127
Rochester $3,073,821,714
Ithaca $3,000,402,971
Albany $2,983,607,527