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Top Foundations by Total Giving in Portland, OR

Funder Name Total Giving Location
Mercy Corps $260,522,050 Portland, OR
The Oregon Community Foundation $149,586,635 Portland, OR
Oregon Health And Science University Foundation $133,931,087 Portland, OR
University Of Portland $99,479,464 Portland, OR
Lewis & Clark College $89,800,334 Portland, OR
Oregon Food Bank $58,796,412 Portland, OR
Careoregon Inc $45,760,265 Portland, OR
Meyer Memorial Trust $44,993,096 Portland, OR
Reed Institute $38,834,177 Portland, OR
Goodwill Industries Of The Columbia Willamette $30,000,000 Portland, OR
Ocf Joseph E Weston Public Foundation $24,451,903 Portland, OR
Medical Teams International $24,424,380 Portland, OR
Health Repulic Insurance Company $21,353,307 Portland, OR
Portland State University Foundation $17,732,072 Portland, OR
Worksystems Inc $14,943,191 Portland, OR
The Collins Foundation $14,566,892 Portland, OR
Neighborhood Partnerships Inc $13,833,110 Portland, OR
Vocational Development Foundation $13,200,000 Portland, OR
The Lemelson Foundation $13,121,859 Portland, OR
Onpoint Community Credit Union $12,836,320 Portland, OR
Providence St Vincent Medical Foundation $12,632,955 Portland, OR
Providence Portland Medical Foundation $11,891,310 Portland, OR
The Hoppe Foundation $11,581,866 Portland, OR
Africa New Life Ministries International $10,541,909 Portland, OR
Society Of St Vincent De Paul Portland Council $10,227,439 Portland, OR

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Browse by Major Cities in Oregon

City Total Giving
Portland $4,117,294,042
Eugene $590,759,661
Beaverton $516,379,883
Salem $474,262,417
Hillsboro $205,522,599