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There are 6,319 foundations giving to nonprofits in the Named Trusts N E C category. Combined, these foundations have assets of $444 Billion.

Top Foundations by Total Giving for Named Trusts N E C

Funder Name Total Giving Location
Hallie Wilson Charitable Trust $46,000 Lexington, KY
Curtis & Ruby Humphries Charitable $46,000 Lubbock, TX
Johnson Cathrine Tua $46,000 Las Vegas, NV
Dorothy W Gauthier Tua $46,000 Las Vegas, NV
Edward Hopkins Charity $46,000 Providence, RI
Dr Maxwell L & Florence C Blumenreich $46,000 Manhasset, NY
Tua Gertrude S Bridge $45,968 Providence, RI
Walter & Lila Gibbs Memorial Tr $45,947 Buffalo, NY
Norman R Heintz Charitable Trust Thrivent Trust Company Trustee $45,937 Appleton, WI
Marion Rotary Foundation $45,832 Marion, OH
The Grace Law Trust Xxxxx3003 $45,814 Chicago, IL
Nehemiah Ventures $45,800 Bellevue, WA
Ralph Koontz Trust Xxx Xx Xxxx $45,771 St Louis, MO
Tua Lina Groux $45,728 Providence, RI
Bsg Family Foundation $45,600 Annapolis, MD
R E Woolley Ua Charitable Trust Ii Trustmark $45,500 Jackson, MS
Alice Claire And May Donna Myton $45,487 Hutchinson, KS
Athalie Fellhauer Charitable Tua $45,460 Dallas, TX
Elizabeth S Bonham Trust 5276 $45,421 Buffalo, NY
New Angeles Charitable Foundation $45,400 Los Angeles, CA
Fetter Nettie J Fbo Carlisle Etal Tr $45,360 Pittsburgh, PA
Pond E Leroy Trust Uw $45,327 Chicago, IL
Grace M Edwards Trust Uw $45,272 Providence, RI
Tony J Peterson Trust Dtd 10151954 $45,235 Providence, RI
Mary F Sneidman Trust Uw 8020 $45,232 Bloomsburg, PA

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