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There are 3,888 foundations giving to nonprofits in the Named Trusts N E C category. Combined, these foundations have assets of $387 Billion.

Top Foundations by Total Giving for Named Trusts N E C

Funder Name Total Giving Location
James M Linton Tr Ua $4,903 Jacksonville, FL
Tr Uw Dorotha E Wilber 24212410 $4,884 Norwich, NY
Trust Uw Louise E Terry $4,868 Jacksonville, FL
Alice L Steck Trust Uw $4,848 Pittsburgh, PA
Ralph L Owens Tr 1647 $4,847 Columbus, OH
Delphic Trust $4,846 Boston, MA
Vera K Hunt Irrevocable Trust 58009910 $4,845 Milwaukee, WI
Trust U/W Una E Sheldon $4,837 Dallas, TX
Ruby Juanita M Ta $4,800 Orlando, FL
William A Arnold Trust $4,800 Decatur, IL
Buist Mildred W Tw Residual $4,800 Las Vegas, NV
James Enlow Tuw $4,783 Pittsburgh, PA
Surv Tr Randolph Macon Col Uw Eb Nationsbank Of Virginia Na $4,780 Jacksonville, FL
Margaret Penn Tuw Fbo Trinity 2910100 $4,752 Pittsburgh, PA
Maria Goodhue Trust 136 1003730 $4,726 Providence, RI
Winnifred P Clark Trust Uw $4,687 Milwaukee, WI
Russell D Kittredge Tuw Noble $4,680 Providence, RI
Edith L Blanchard Tuw Brockton $4,648 Providence, RI
Margarette Drake Tr $4,643 Paris, IL
Venango Co Assoc For Blind Tua $4,641 Pittsburgh, PA
May Wilson Adams Living Trust $4,632 Pittsburgh, PA
Vena M Garvin Trust Uw 10 5717 00 3 Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co Tr $4,624 Pittsburgh, PA
Jacob F Tourte Llotte Trust $4,623 Providence, RI
Frederick W Stewart Tr Uw $4,617 Providence, RI
Emory William Edwin Trust $4,602 Providence, RI

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