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There are 6,335 foundations giving to nonprofits in the Named Trusts N E C category. Combined, these foundations have assets of $445 Billion.

Top Foundations by Total Giving for Named Trusts N E C

Funder Name Total Giving Location
Matrix Ministries Corp $39,400 Allen, TX
Maxwell Pribil Trust Fbo Hoyt Library $39,399 Columbus, OH
Hey Sylvia A Tw $39,332 Brooklyn, OH
Raab Manda H No 2 Pfdn $39,321 Brooklyn, OH
Everett George D Trust $39,305 Providence, RI
Olive Dempsey Charitable Trust $39,300 Milwaukee, WI
Aimee Y Decker Charitable Trust 47 F010012 $39,273 Lancaster, PA
Suzanne Wyatt Trust $39,270 Brooklyn, OH
Storrs E B Ua Schl Fd Music Clu $39,266 Jacksonville, FL
Ud O'connor Educational Fund $39,250 Providence, RI
Mary Sage Unitrust Xxxxx1004 $39,240 Chicago, IL
Shadie Niles Charitable Trust $39,228 Portland, ME
Walter N Charles Trust $39,222 Iowa City, IA
Pion Family Foundation $39,210 Los Angeles, CA
Vytautas Burbulis Charitable Tr $39,142 New York, NY
Rahm Emanuel & Amy Rule Charitable Trust $39,099 Northbrook, IL
Humbert Rogers Charitable Trust $39,094 Birmingham, AL
Adams William T Tr Uw Plunkett Xxx Xx Xxxx $39,046 Bedford, NH
Albert & Mary Kahn Rn Education Fd $39,032 Providence, RI
Lutz Applegate Memorial Trust $39,000 Las Vegas, NV
Chicago Society Foundation $39,000 Chicago, IL
Norman L Jensen Trust $39,000 Green Bay, WI
Burt C & N Charitable Trust 7101970 $39,000 Raleigh, NC
Eugene Holt Massey Charitable Trust $39,000 Richmond, VA
Laura Ludington Hollenbeck Foundati $39,000 Midland, MI

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