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Foundations Giving Grants To Law Jurisprudence Nonprofits

There are 454 foundations giving to nonprofits in the Law Jurisprudence category. Combined, these foundations have assets of $528 billion.

Top Foundations by Total Giving for Law Jurisprudence

Funder Name Total Giving Location
Kickapoo Springs Foundation $10,908,551 Abilene, TX
Carol And Gene Ludwig Family Foundation $10,360,290 Washington, DC
Adolph Coors Foundation $9,908,763 Denver, CO
Equal Justice Works $9,756,812 Washington, DC
Rancho Santa Fe Foundation $9,725,565 Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Edwards Lifesciences Foundation $9,702,034 Irvine, CA
Thomas W Smith Foundation $9,662,278 Boca Raton, FL
New York Women's Foundation Inc $9,615,467 New York, NY
The Snider Foundation $9,329,500 Bryn Mawr, PA
Us Chamber Of Commerce Foundation $9,091,046 Washington, DC
Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation $8,962,425 Minneapolis, MN
The Dunn Foundation $8,852,000 Wilmington, DE
Counterpart International Inc $8,843,195 Washington, DC
The International Coalition Of Historic Ite Museums Of Conscience $8,790,446 New York, NY
Hudson Webber Foundation $8,617,691 Detroit, MI
Jacob & Valeria Langeloth Foundation $8,488,961 New York, NY
The Urban Institute $8,255,595 Washington, DC
Echoing Green Inc $8,218,785 New York, NY
Tisbest Philanthropy $8,076,761 Seattle, WA
American Bar Endowment $7,710,731 Chicago, IL
Atlas Economic Research Foundation $7,635,432 Arlington, VA
The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation $7,450,000 West Hollywood, CA
Carmax Foundation $7,445,510 Richmond, VA
Fwdus Education Fund Inc $7,309,495 Washington, DC
Rethink Charity $7,013,516 Mineral, VA

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