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The only grant seeking software you need

You'll love the most comprehensive database of over 200,000 funders and 12,500+ active opportunities for nonprofits.


Instrumentl users raise $200K in new grants on average in the first 12 months

With Instrumentl, you can increase your grant output by 1.5x

Save 3 hours per funder per week thanks to built-in workflows

9 out of 10 Instrumentl users say they’ve developed a stronger grant strategy

Grant seeking software with comprehensive 990 snapshots 

By looking at snapshots from their 990 reports, you can analyze a funder's previous giving trends. These have a lot of information about a funder's past giving patterns, so it's easy to see if they have given grants to your area in the same amount and for the same reasons as the funding you're looking for.

Smart grant matching
Project tracking

Review NTEE codes in a single glance

A quick look at an organization's NTEE codes and subcategories—that’s an excellent way to determine whether or not you are eligible to apply for a certain opportunity and whether or not the amount you are requesting is appropriate and in line with the foundation's giving history.


Grant prospecting tool that saves you time

Save 3 hours per funder per week. Look at the funder's average and median grant amounts in the past to determine whether or not this grant should be pursued. It's helpful to know that foundations occasionally fund significantly more than their stated minimum.

Smart grant matching

Our customers often realize 92% in time savings using Instrumentl. Try it today.

Apply to 1.5X more grants by working smarter, not harder.
Or, if you’re not ready yet, read & watch our customer stories.

Giving by Top 10 NTEE Codes

Make use of the reverse search to find more opportunities

Research any grant recipient and view their list of funders by using Recipient Profiles. Additionally, you can quickly build a new list of potential funders and analyze the geographic distribution of previous grantees using this kind of reverse search.


Grant search engine that helps you increase your application success

Take a look at the funder's previous contributions to determine the ratio between new grantees and repeat recipients. This can give you an idea of how open the foundations are to new nonprofits with no successful projects under their belt yet.

Grant report in PDF or CSV

FAQs about grant seeking software

1. What is the best grant seeking software?
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We believe that Instrumentl is the best grant seeking software on the market. It helps you find, track and manage all things grants with one platform. But don’t take our word for it: check out what our year-round customers have to say

2. Who much does grants seeking software like Instrumentl cost?
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Pricing starts at $179/month when paid annually for the Basic Plan.

We also offer higher-tiered plans that help you further accelerate your institutional fundraising efforts. For example, our Standard Plan includes Foundation Discovery, Advanced Funder Insights, and Recipient Profiles. These features help you find even more good fit funders who may not have active grant opportunities, quickly analyze funder trends from 990 data and reverse search who is funding a nonprofit to find more good fit funders faster.

To learn more, check out our pricing page.

3. Who benefits the most from using grant seeking software like Instrumentl?
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Typical users of Instrumentl are 501c3 registered nonprofits with $1 million or more in operating revenue, as well as established grant writers who work at a consultancy company or run their own business that serve these clients.

4. How does Instrumentl compare to other grant seeking software?
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We’re glad you asked! You can go over to our software comparison page and discover what are the 8 things only Instrumentl can do. A comprehensive PDF with visual summaries of features of other popular grant tools is also available.

5. Is Instrumentl a tool that’s used only for seeking grants?
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Actually, no! Instrumentl is the institutional fundraising platform that differs from other grant tools when it comes to the number and quality of features you get, i.e. the comprehensiveness of the software. While you have grant tools that enable you to either do grant research and prospecting, grant tracking, evaluate funders, and/or create reports, the institutional fundraising platform allows you to do all that from a single place.