Grants for Laboratory Animal Science: Standard Grant

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

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Grant amount: Up to US $50,000

Anticipated deadline: Feb 1, 2021 9:59pm PST

Applicant type: Postdoctoral Researcher Faculty Working Professional

Funding uses: Research

Membership: Applicants must be a member of this organization to apply. Become a member.

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: United States

Must travel to: Texas

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About this funder:



The AALAS Grants for Laboratory Animal Science (GLAS) program, established in 2006, promotes the enhancement of scientific knowledge in laboratory animal science (LAS) through research. Examples of research interest are:

  • environmental conditions
  • housing and enrichment
  • pain and distress
  • health and welfare
  • euthanasia; and
  • advancements in animal care and use

Standard Grants are awarded for research proposals based on solid preliminary data. Review criteria for judging these proposals include:

  • relevance to and consistency with respect to the GLAS mission
  • impact on the laboratory animal science field
  • validity of methodology and analysis
  • clarity and completeness; and
  • feasibility and capability to complete the project, i.e., collective investigator experience, equipment access, and budget

No more than $1,000 may be budgeted for travel to the AALAS National Meeting to present study results. In general, the GLAS program dis­courages salary support, so a request for salary support requires detailed justification. Although studies are expected to be completed in one year, grant renewals will be considered. Grant renewal submissions follow these same guidelines.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • There is no geographical restriction with regard to the investigators or the institution; international submissions will be considered.
  • Current AALAS members are invited to apply to the GLAS program.

You must be a member of this organization to apply for this award - become a member. The principal investigator (PI) must be an AALAS member, but co-investigators are not required to be AALAS members.


  • Highly innovative proposals are encouraged.
  • Collaboration with the broader scientific community is encouraged.


  • Please note the GLAS program does not fund indirect/overhead expenses
  • Funding is not intended to support development of commercial products or services.