ACM Lifting Lives Grants

Academy of Country Music Charitable Foundation - ACM Lifting Lives

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Grant amount: US $5,000 - US $10,000

Anticipated deadline: Oct 1, 2020

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: United States

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About this funder:



ACM Lifting Lives is the charitable arm of the Academy of Country Music. Our mission is improving lives through the power of music. ACM Lifting Lives is dedicated to improving lives through the power of music. Specifically through our grant cycle, we fund programs that promote healing through the power of music. 

Lifting Lives Grants Fund:

  • Music therapy or programs facilitating healing through music ;
  • Purchase or repair of musical instruments (as it relates to therapeutic programs) ;
  • Purchase or repairs of music-related equipment (equipment includes, but is not limited to, computers, software and recording equipment) (as it relates to therapeutic programs)

Type of Programs

Music as Therapy

  • Music programs for special needs schools and camps;
  • Music programs for emotional and mental health well-being ;
  • Music therapy programs in hospices and hospitals ;
  • Music instruments & music programs for those with disabilities ;
  • Music therapy programs in retirement homes and nursing centers ;
  • Musical instruments & music programs for the military ;
  • Music-related relief programs in communities devastated by natural disasters.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Partnerships with artists and generous giving from fans and the Nashville community enable ACM Lifting Lives to provide funding to organizations that share the same mission, and strive to improve lives through the power of music.
  • Only IRS tax exempt 501(c)(3) entities are eligible for funding through our grant cycle.


  • Grant requests showing the greatest financial need and serving at risk populations will be given preference.


  • Lifting Lives Grants Do NOT Fund:
    • Fundraisers or endowments;
    • Organizations not based in the United States;
    • Purchase of collections;
    • Documentaries;
    • Recording projects, demo tapes or performance events for commercial purposes;
    • Proposals for commercial purposes (such as CD reissues or textbook/A/V package);
    • Competitions or any expense associated with competitions;
    • Marketing, publicity or design costs;
    • Capital Campaigns.