Women Empowered (WE) Fund

Associated Country Women of the World

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Grant amount: Up to £5,000

Anticipated deadline: Jun 30, 2020 (Pre proposal)

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Angola; Armenia Show all

Location of residency: Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Angola; Armenia Show all

Gender restriction: Female

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  • All non-member organisations who wish to apply for funding must first complete the Pre-Application Questionnaire form. We would advise non-member organisations to complete the PreApplication Questionnaire before the "pre-proposal" deadline above. 
  • Shortlisted organisations will be invited to submit a full application in the application window by the "full proposal" deadline above.
  • Member organisations are not currently required to complete the pre-application questionnaire.

WE Fund: Women Empowered

ACWW projects allow you to support real-life changes for women in rural communities around the world. They are women-led, designed by women in their own communities who know best what they need, and we fund them through local women's organisations to ensure maximum impact.

The Women Empowered Fund was launched in 2018 as ACWW's new funding initiative for projects. By supporting one of the six Focus Area pots below, you'll see how you are making a difference to communities around the world.

Current priorities for funding include projects that focus on basic literacy, skills-training, income-generating businesses, organic smallholder agriculture, improved nutrition, maternal health and access to water and sanitation.

The maximum grant amount permitted for non-member organisations is £5,000 but applicants requesting smaller amounts are more likely to have their projects approved and as such, we are currently recommending that non-member organisations apply for no more than £4,000. Non-member organisations who are applying to ACWW for the first time are advised to apply for no more than £3,000.

Successful applicants will receive 75% of the funding granted after the signing of a contract with ACWW. The remaining 25% will only be released after ACWW Central Office is in receipt of a satisfactory progress report. 

You will be required to choose the one principle ACWW funding criteria category that your project falls under.  If there are more criteria covered by the project activities, please choose the one most closely related to the overall aim of the project. The examples of project activity included for each category are for guidance only.

Education and Capacity Building

  • Literacy for adults and children
  • Skill training
  • Adult education
  • Primary education for all children
  • Leadership development
  • Community development and scholarships for training in organisation and leadership in the field of social welfare

Nutrition, Good Health, and Wellbeing

  • Family welfare, primary health and first-aid training
  • Health education and awareness of widespread communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Nutrition education
  • Food safety awareness

Sustainable Agriculture, Training and Development

  • Small items of equipment
  • Organic and sustainable agriculture techniques
  • Establishment of seed banks and support groups for small-scale farmers

Income Generation and Development

  • Small business initiatives
  • Revolving loan schemes
  • Business skills development

Sustainable Water, Sanitation, and Energy

  • Access to water
  • Water conservation and security
  • Improvement and access to sanitation facilities

Maternal and Reproductive Health

  • Promotion of breastfeeding
  • Prevention of maternal mortality
  • Prevention of FGM/C
  • Education and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights


  • If your proposal does not fit any of the above categories, please chose “Other” 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • ACWW welcomes applications from small to medium-sized (annual income less than £100,000) NGOs, women’s groups, educational institutions or umbrella organisations in less developed countries.
  • ACWW supports projects which are run mainly by women, and directly benefit women and / or children. 
    • ACWW considers an organisation to be women-led if women hold the majority of key decision- making roles (e.g. Executive Director, Chair, President, CEO, Programme Manager)
  • ACWW accepts funding applications from both member and non-member organisations.
  • In order to apply, your organisation MUST have been registered as an NGO in your country for at least two years.
  • ACWW only funds projects that take place in the same country where the organisation is registered and that directly benefit women and children in those countries. 
  • ACWW can only fund projects in areas that the British Foreign Office consider safe for travell. 


  • Applications from organisations where at least 80% of those in decision-making positions are women will be given priority for funding. 


  • ACWW does not fund projects in the more developed countries of the world including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe. 
  • ACWW will NOT fund:
    • The purchase of land, motor vehicles or items of large mechanical equipment;
    • emergency relief work;
    • capital infrastructure projects (buildings);
    • on-going office administration and salary expenses.
  • ACWW cannot accept applications for projects that will take place in areas where it is not safe for ACWW Resource Persons to carry out a monitoring visit.