Cornerstone Fund

Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists Foundation

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Anticipated deadline: Feb 1, 2021 11:59pm PST

Applicant type: College / University Faculty

Funding uses: Education / Outreach

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: United States

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About this funder:



Advanced education at the university level is the cornerstone of all learned professions -- hence the name of this fund. The overall goal of the fund is to support the continuation and improvement of the teaching of engineering geology and geological engineering by providing funding to university-level engineering geology and geological engineering programs in the United States.

These two disciplines, the first growing within the science of geology and the second within the field of engineering, share much academic background and practice emphasis. Therefore this fund supports the teaching of both disciplines at undergraduate and graduate levels, with an emphasis on supporting curricula that prepare students academically for careers as licensed professionals. Program support includes department-level support as well as support of individual professors, lecturers, or instructors through departments.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Eligible applicants:
    • Grant applications will be  accepted from  departments or administrative units or university foundations.
    • Geological Engineering: ABET-accredited programs in geological engineering are candidates for support from this fund.
    • Engineering Geology:  Accreditation for engineering geology programs is not widely adopted, thus requiring a program to be accredited for consideration is not a workable criterion at this time.
      • The focus of the Cornerstone Fund as to engineering geology is to support programs that teach engineering geology in a comprehensive way, thus preparing students for careers as licensed geologists with an emphasis or specialty (or certification) in engineering geology. 
  • Eligible projects:
    • Course support or course or program development support
      • Course release for new course development by current faculty member
      • Hiring an adjunct to start teaching engineering courses.
    • Named  Lectureship /Instructorship
    • Named Professorship
    • Named Chair
    • Named Distinguished Professorship
    • Endowed Professorship
    • Endowed  Chair 
    • In addition, the AEG Foundation will consider, dependent on funding, early-career grants  to individuals who wish to develop or expand programs in engineering geoscience. 


Prioritization of Grants   

  • The first priority is support for programs in engineering geology and geological  engineering at colleges and universities in t he United States where the program goals  include preparing students for employment as licensed geologists or engineers. 
  • Support  for teaching doctoral level programs in engineering geology and geological engineering, where the emphasis is to prepare and train new professors who will teach those subjects at colleges and universities in the United States, is also a high priority.  
  • Applications  that will support the hiring of new professorial staff or staff to replace retiring professors  so that the program can continue are especially welcome, as are applications to support program expansion.   
  • Prioritization in grant-making may include support for programs that are subject to  closure, support for early-career academics, support for developing new programs or courses, and  support for program expansion.