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Investing in the future of New Zealand Agribusiness

Since 1987 we have provided $65 million of funding that has encouraged innovative ideas, fostered research capability and developed emerging leaders in the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors of New Zealand.

This year AGMARDT plans to invest 3.6 million into developing world-class capacity and capability within the agribusiness sector.

AGMARDT is independent

AGMARDT is an independent not-for-profit organisation with a proven track record of making targeted investments that aim to make a positive contribution to the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors.

Visiting Fellowships

Visiting Fellowships enable visits by recognised international experts to New Zealand to share their global expertise with researchers, farmers, industry groups and agribusinesses. Visiting Fellows usually come to New Zealand for two to three short visits over 12 to 18 months to look at a specific area of strategic interest to agribusiness and the scientific community. In future, New Zealand’s competitive advantage will depend on its ability to identify challenges and global opportunities, and translate these into technological and capability initiatives faster and more successfully than its competitors.


In future, New Zealand’s competitive advantage will depend on its ability to identify challenges and global opportunities, and translate these into technological and capability initiatives faster and more successfully than its competitors.

The AGMARDT Visiting Fellowship Programme aims to encourage visits to New Zealand by people who have recognised global expertise in selected areas of relevance to New Zealand’s agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors. The objective of the programme is to transmit knowledge and learning capability directly and through the Host Organisation to the appropriate New Zealand audience.

The AGMARDT Visiting Fellowship may be based on a number of short visits over a compressed period of time and focussed on a specific theme and purpose. The theme and purpose for visits will be consistent with those AGMARDT strategic objectives that the Visiting Fellowship is designed to support.

The Programme

At any one time, the Visiting Fellowship Programme will support two or more AGMARDT Visiting Fellows. They will become involved in activity in part of the New Zealand agribusiness chain. This activity will be related to an aspect of research, communication or commercialization of research, business development, policy or marketing. 

It is expected that the activity engaged in by the Visiting Fellow will advance one or more of the following strategic objectives of AGMARDT:

  • Being a catalyst for the translation of international consumer, market, environmental and trade policy trends into potential opportunities,
  • Creating a greater understanding of world class marketing, global supply chains, new products, new technologies, and business models within the agribusiness community,
  • Fostering greater efficiency and sustainability in production, processing and distribution where recognised gaps exist,
  • Enhancing the speed of innovation and its application throughout the production and marketing system,
  • Improving linkages between science and agribusiness in the application of technology, and
  • Fostering capability development in research towards advanced expertise.

While a Visiting Fellow would normally be expected to make 2 – 3 short-term visits of 2 – 3 weeks over a 12 – 18 month period, variations in these terms will be considered by the AGMARDT Trustees if such variations better suits the Visiting Fellow’s availability or the purpose of the activity that they are involved in.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Visiting Fellows will be hosted by an organization in New Zealand, such as a university, Crown Research Institute, Industry Research Organisations, businesses or government.
  • The AGMARDT contribution will include the reasonable costs of airfares, accommodation, internal travel, and Visiting Fellow’s fee.
  • AGMARDT may provide additional resources for ongoing activity that is a direct result of the Visiting Fellowship visits; for example, funding for Masters or PhD study, Postdoctoral or other research, or some other endeavour that enhances the impact of the output from the visit or visits of the Visiting Fellow.


  • Application for support to cover venues for events and associated publicity may be made under the AGMARDT Conference Support Programme, and application for additional resources to support on-going activity that emerges from the visit or visits of the Visiting Fellow may be made to AGMARDT through one of its associated programmes.