Alabama Coastal Area Management Program (ACAMP) Grant Program

Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

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Anticipated deadline: Mar 27, 2021 3:00pm PDT

Grant amount: US $20,000 - US $50,000

Fields of work: Urban Planning Oceanography Freshwater Conservation Marine/Ocean Conservation Water Resource Management Habitat & Ecosystem Restoration Natural Disaster Science Natural Resources Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid Economic Services & Development Show all

Applicant type: Indigenous Group, Government Entity

Funding uses: Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in Alabama: Baldwin County, Mobile County

Location of residency: Alabama

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The purpose of the Alabama Coastal Area Management Program, or Coastal Program, is to balance economic growth with the need for preservation of Alabama’s coastal resources for future generations. The program promotes wise management of the cultural and natural resources of the state’s coastal areas and fosters efforts to ensure the long-term ecological and economic productivity of coastal Alabama. 

One specific function of the Coastal Program is to provide coastal management grant funds to Alabama’s coastal communities and partners for planning and implementation of projects that address environmental problems affecting the coastal area and that promote sustainable economic development. Funding is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and administered by Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR), State Lands Division, Coastal Section on a competitive basis. These grant funds are available pursuant to the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972

Focus Areas

See complete description here.

The Coastal Program is accepting applications through this Request for Proposals (RFP) for projects that protect, enhance, and improve the management of natural, cultural, and historical coastal resources and that increase the sustainability, resiliency and preparedness of coastal communities. Grant applications must meet the purpose of at least one of the following focus areas: 

Government Coordination and Local Government Planning

The purpose of this focus area is to increase local government capacity to plan and implement projects that address environmental problems affecting the coastal area and that promote sustainable economic development. Projects should demonstrate a balance of economic development and resource protection. 

Coastal Hazards and Resilient Communities

The purpose of this focus area is to reduce vulnerability to natural hazards in Coastal Alabama. Projects within this focus area should help coastal communities prepare for and respond to the effects of natural hazard events, disasters and sea level rise. 

Coastal Habitats, Wetland Protection and Coastal Resource Stewardship

The purpose of this priority area is to promote protection, restoration and stewardship of Alabama’s coastal resources through an ecosystem approach to management

Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control

The Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program was established by Congress in 1990 to encourage better coordination between state coastal zone managers and water quality experts to reduce polluted runoff in the coastal zone. The Program is unique in that it establishes a set of management measures for states to use in controlling polluted runoff. Funding in this focus area will be provided based on the extent to which projects advance the State of Alabama toward final approval and implementation of its Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program (CNPSP), particularly in currently unapproved management measure areas outline below. Extra consideration will be given to proposals that help achieve approval of the Alabama CNPSP. 

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  • Eligible Applicants:
    • Coastal units of government including Mobile County, Baldwin County, and municipalities or tribal governments within Mobile and Baldwin counties
    • Area-wide agencies, regional planning agencies, conservation districts, and port authorities
    • Alabama state agencies whose activities affect or are affected by activities in the coastal area
    • Alabama school districts, public colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning
  • Project Location: Funding is geographically limited to Mobile and Baldwin Counties.
  • All awards require a 1:1 ratio of non-federal matching funds.