Alfalfa Seed Research & Market Development Grant

Montana Department of Agriculture

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Grant amount: Up to US $40,000

Anticipated deadline: Feb 1, 2020

Applicant type: Nonprofit Individuals Indigenous Group

Funding uses: Applied Project / Program, Education / Outreach, Research

Location of project: Montana

Location of residency: Montana

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The primary goal of the Montana Alfalfa Seed Industry Act as stated in the enabling legislation, is "to improve the culture and production of and expand the market for alfalfa seed grown in the state by providing for research to develop and improve control measures for diseases and pests which attack alfalfa seed pollinators (i.e. Alfalfa Leaf Cutter Bees); improve alfalfa seed growing culture; and disseminate information to the growers.”


The Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee was created by the 1981 Legislature to encourage development of the alfalfa seed industry through improvements and innovations in various aspects of the business. The 1997 legislature incorporated the Alfalfa Leaf Cutting Bee Committee into the Alfalfa Seed Committee.

The Montana Alfalfa Seed Industry Act is administered by an eight-member Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee, which is attached to the Montana Department of Agriculture for administrative purposes.

The Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee invites proposals to fund demonstration projects, applied research, and feasibility analyses designed to address Montana's alfalfa seed industry needs and opportunities. Generally, to qualify for consideration, proposals must have practical, nearterm application involving practices or organizational arrangements that will stimulate an expanded alfalfa seed industry. Public and private entities and organizations, business and industry, educational institutions, local governments and individuals are eligible to submit proposals.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Applicant eligibility:
    • Proposals for funding will be accepted from:
      • Public and private agencies and organizations
      • Business and industry
      • Educational institutions
      • local governments
      • Individuals
        • If two or more individuals or organizations propose to conduct a project jointly, they should submit one application as co-applicants. 
    • Applicants must demonstrate a proven ability to carry out all elements of the proposed project.
  • Eligible Projects: Eligible projects are as follows: 
    • Conducting research programs to:
      • improve the quality of alfalfa seed
      • develop and improve control measures for disease and pests which attack alfalfa and alfalfa seed pollinators (i.e. Alfalfa Leaf Cutter Bees) 
      • improve alfalfa growing culture
      • other research projects designed to improve the Alfalfa Seed industry
    • Disseminating current and new research information
    • Developing the Alfalfa Seed Industry markets, including:
      • conducting market assessments
      • planning and conducting publicity and sales promotion campaigns, including media development and trade show exhibition. 
    • Education 
  • Eligible Costs
    • There is no limit to the grant amount a proposal can request. However, on average, the Committee has $40,000 annually for grant proposals; therefore, grant amounts should correspond.
    • Eligible costs under the Montana Alfalfa Seed Industry Act include, but are not limited to: 
      • Salaries and Wages
      • Fringe Benefits
      • Consultant Services (professional, technical, operational)
      • Travel
      • Advertising and Promotion
      • Equipment (preferably leased versus direct acquisition)
      • Supplies and Materials
      • Communication (telephone, postage, printing, etc.)


  • Program funds cannot be used for the payment of institutional overhead or other indirect costs such as use of land, buildings or equipment.
    • These costs can be used, however, in calculating an applicant match.