Powering Education Scholarship

Alpha One

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Grant amount: US $2,000

Anticipated deadline: Apr 1, 2021

Applicant type: Undergraduate Student Graduate Student High School Student

Funding uses: Scholarship

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: Maine

Minimum GPA: 3.0

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About this funder:



About Alpha One

Alpha One has been promoting independent living for people with disabilities in Maine for 30 years.

Since 1978, Alpha One, a Center for Independent Living, has enabled thousands of people with disabilities to live more fully and more independently in all aspects of their lives. Few Centers for Independent Living in the United States or other public or private agencies in Maine offer Alpha One's variety and depth of independent living services.

Alpha One annually assists more than 6,000 people of all ages, including children and the elderly, with a range of disabilities: mobility impairments, traumatic brain injury, deafness, blindness, other vision and hearing impairments, developmental disabilities, mental illness, and AIDS. For more than three decades, Alpha One has been responsive to the needs of individuals with disabilities, initiating, advocating for, and implementing systems change to overcome the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from living independently.

Since 1978, Alpha One has stood at the forefront of the fight to establish and expand consumer-directed personal assistance, promoting this approach at the state and national level.

Powering Education Scholarship

This scholarship will provide awards of $2,000 each to 3 selected candidates for post-secondary school education, including both undergraduate college education as well as graduate programs.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Applicants must have a documented disability.
  • Must be attending/attended high school within the state of Maine.
  • Scholarship recipient need not be a high school senior but may be anyone pursuing higher education, regardless of graduation date from high school.
  • Must have a B average or equivalent GPA.
  • Must have acceptance letter from post-secondary institution.