AOS Research Awards

American Ornithologists' Union

Grant amount: Up to US $2,500

Anticipated deadline: Jan 26, 2019 9:00am PST

Applicant type: Unaffiliated Researcher Undergraduate Student Graduate Student Postdoctoral Researcher

Funding uses: Research

Membership: Applicants must be a member of this organization to apply. Become a member.

Location of project: Illinois

Location of residency: United States

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The AOU provides research awards that support studies in various areas of avian biology by students and postdoctoral researchers who are members of the AOU. Applicants need not indicate that they are applying for a particular award; after evaluating and ranking all proposals, the Committee Chair will determine which fund is most appropriate for supporting the top proposals. 

  1. Alexander Wetmore Memorial Research Award: Supports research in avian systematics, paleo-ornithology, biogeography, and especially neotropical biology; we encourage Latin American students to apply.
  2. Margaret Morse Nice Award: Designated to encourage ornithological research by female graduate students.
  3. Herbert and Betty Carnes Award: Stipulates that recipients must be females and non-smokers (i.e., have not smoked for at least the previous six months).
  4. Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Research Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology.
  5. Donald L. Bleitz Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology.
  6. Werner and Hildegard Hesse Award: Supports students in ornithological research, with preference given to those studying wild birds.Werner and Hildegard Hesses’ passion for wild birds was sparked in night classes on the ecology and conservation of birds and led them to become leaders in amateur ornithology. The Hesses conducted bird surveys in the Canadian arctic, compiled BC’s Christmas Bird Counts for over 20 years, and developed a special concern for the harmful effects of human development on bird habitats and populations. The Hesses delighted in funding ornithological research and, particularly, contributing to the long-term monitoring of population change in birds of the Pacific Coast.
  7. AOS Research Grants Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology.

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  • Applicants must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:
    • Student or postdoctoral researcher, or researcher without access to funds from major granting agencies.
    • Maximum of one research award per year.
    • Maximum of two research awards per lifetime.
    • Typically, awards would be for an M.S. project and, later, for a Ph.D. project.
    • Undergraduate students, postdoctoral research associates, and individuals engaged in independent research (not associated with a university) also may apply.
  • Individuals are limited to one award per degree program or project
    • e.g., a doctoral student can only receive one award during his or her doctoral program.

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