Northern Scientific Training Program

Arctic Institute of North America (AINA)

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Grant amount: Up to C $5,000

Anticipated deadline: Dec 1, 2020

Applicant type: Undergraduate Student Graduate Student College / University

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland Show all

Location of residency: Canada

Location of citizenship: Canada

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About this funder:



In 1961, the federal government established the Northern Scientific Training Grants Program to encourage Canadian universities to train northern specialists to meet national needs. Now called the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) and provides supplementary funding to over 350 students annually at over 35 universities across Canada. The program is administered by POLAR as part of its mandate to foster science and technology in Canada’s North. Northern Scientific Training Program Information Manual 2020-2021.

The primary purpose of the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) is to encourage and support Canadian university students with an interest in northern studies and conducting thesis research in Northern regions, by assisting them to gain northern professional experience and training, through the issuance of supplementary funds.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Applications for the Northern Scientific Training Program funding must be made by the Chairperson of a Northern Studies Committee at a Canadian university or the equivalent.
    • The committee must be officially recognized by the President of the university.
  • Applicants must be: 
    • Enrolled in a degree Program at a Canadian university.
    • A graduate students OR undergraduate student entering their final year and intending to undertake an honours thesis based on northern fieldwork or research which will be continued in subsequent graduate studies.
    • Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Project eligibility: 
    • Summer and winter projects are eligible.
    • Northern topics from all disciplines and in multi-disciplinary fields are eligible.
    • All student research must be tied to their thesis work.
  • Geographic restrictions: The Program supports projects:
    • that lie north of the southern limit of the discontinuous permafrost zone, with the addition of all of the Southern Yukon in the West;
    • that section of Labrador south to and including Red Bay; and
    • the other seven Arctic countries (Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the U.S.A. - Alaska).
  • Program funds are intended to assist in defraying the additional costs attributable to northern research projects (transportation costs, living expenses, freight costs and some interpreter/translator fees).


  • Applications from individuals are not accepted.
    • If a student's university does not have a recognized Northern Studies Committee, the candidate may apply through a participating university.
  • Post-doctoral studies are not supported.
  • Field Assistants will no longer be eligible to be funded by NST.
  • Funds cannot be used to cover translation, licensing costs or to pay for fees or living expenses in southern Canada.