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Fields of work: Youth Development & Leadership Career/College Preparation Tutoring & Mentoring Academic Success & Enrichment Military & Veterans Services Youth Services Art & Culture Interfaith Cooperation / Religious Freedom Jewish Culture Parks & Public Spaces Greening & Beautification Documentaries Civic Engagement & Education Soccer Food Access & Hunger Football Show all

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Georgia (US state)

Location of residency: United States

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Note: The Blank Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Within the scope of our strategic plan and specific funding initiatives, The Blank Family Foundation will identify and invite potential partners to apply for grants in our program areas. To share innovative ideas that relate to the Foundation’s specific goals, please send a brief inquiry to the Foundation staff member associated with the relevant program area.

Our Roots

Formed in 1995, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation promotes innovative solutions to transform the lives of youth and their families, seeking results that move communities beyond what seems possible today.

The Foundation invests in education, parks and greenspace, youth development, community redevelopment, and the arts, and leads giving programs for each of the Blank Family of Businesses, including the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, PGA TOUR Superstore, Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, and West Creek Ranch.

Mr. Blank, chairman of the foundation, co-founded The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, in 1978 and retired from the company as co-chairman in 2001. Through the foundation and his family’s personal giving, Mr. Blank has granted more than $400 million to various charitable organizations.

Areas of Focus
Within the scope of our strategic plan and specific funding initiatives, The Blank Family Foundation will identify and invite potential partners to apply for grants. Our program areas include:
  • Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation - WE BELIEVE … in innovative approaches to increase time kids spend in physical Activity – especially those approaches that change the lives of children who traditionally are most likely to miss out or opt out of physical activity – and to give more children access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Atlanta United Foundation - WE BELIEVE … in making the game of soccer accessible and inclusive for individuals across the state of Georgia. Through the global game of soccer, the Atlanta United Foundation (AUF) grant programs stress the importance of physical fitness while building a supportive culture of play and sportsmanship.
  • American Explorers - WE BELIEVE … that every young man and woman possesses the ability to be a good leader. American Explorers engages youth through a collection of programs and hands-on learning experiences. American Explorers is a comprehensive leadership development program giving youth from Atlanta’s historic Westside communities pathways to leadership. Through a collection of programs and hands-on learning experiences, American Explorers become change agents, educators, community builders, entrepreneurs and stewards of their communities. The American Explorers leadership development program involves year-round opportunities and activities for participants to engage in school and community service projects, leadership cultivation, and collaborative experiences. Participation requires youth to meet annual benchmarks and to identify ways in which they can improve their Circles of Influence.
  • Film & Speaker Series
    • Speaker Series - WE BELIEVE … that by convening individuals around issues, innovations and ideas that will shape the quality of life for families in Atlanta and beyond, we can spur civic action and citizen involvement for positive change in people’s lives.
    • Film Series - WE BELIEVE … in using the power of documentary film to address a wide range of societal issues, and concurrently spark imagination, illuminate a subject, challenge conventional thinking, entertain and engage audiences, create awareness and inspire action.
  • Inspiring Spaces - WE BELIEVE ….that young people, families, and entire communities need healthy, inspiring places to grow and develop. Parks and community green spaces offer social, ecological, and economic benefits to residents and visitors alike.
  • The Molly Blank Fund - WE BELIEVE … in continuing to support the causes and organizations in which our Chairman’s mother believed. The Molly Blank Fund was established after Molly Blank’s passing in 2015 at the age of 99. The focus of investments are on programs that address the interests Molly Blank supported in her lifetime, including at-risk youth, arts and culture, and Jewish causes emphasizing social justice and interfaith coalitions.
  • The Overwatch Fund - WE BELIEVE…in supporting veterans of the U.S. Military in the state of Georgia. The Overwatch Fund awards three types of grants: Innovation Grants, QRF (Quick Response Force) Grants, and Listen and Respond Grants.
  • Pathways to Success - WE BELIEVE ….in expanding educational opportunities in ways that open new pathways to success in school and in life. We support in-school innovations and out-of-school initiatives that provide powerful learning and mentoring experiences, encourage and guide youth to pursue rigorous postsecondary programs and offer useful information about what it takes to gain access to and persist in high-quality postsecondary education and training.
  • PGA Tour Superstore & The First Tee - WE BELIEVE … in supporting the work of The First Tee, an organization committed to impacting the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.
  • Art of Change – WE BELIEVE …in accelerating audience building innovations for nonprofit arts organizations and helping to create personalized experiences for increased public support.
  • Westside Neighborhood Prosperity - WE BELIEVE … that catalytic, positive neighborhood transformation of Atlanta’s historic Westside communities is possible through strategic funding investments, leveraging additional resources to the Westside, building community and political will to address systemic issues of poverty and disinvestment, and ensuring that neighborhood transformation benefits all, especially long-time residents. Our collective vision is grounded in the history of the Westside and the aspirations of its long-standing residents, while also embracing how Atlanta is changing and evolving. Funding for this program has been fully committed since 2017. 
  • AMB West Philanthropies - Montana; see grant page here.

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  • Nonprofit charitable organizations that are exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c) (3) of the IRS Revenue Code can apply for grant.
  • In nearly all cases, Foundation grants in these areas are limited to work in Georgia.


  • The Foundation does not make grants:
    • directly to individuals
    • for scholarships
    • or to support houses of worship or religious activity
  • Organizations seeking funds for projects that fall outside of the Foundation’s areas of focus should not submit letters of inquiry.
  • As part of the policy of The Blank Family Foundation, grant funds may not be used to pay overhead or indirect costs.