BBSRC: Responsive Mode Research Grants

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

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Grant amount: £13,000 - £800,000

Deadline: Apr 30, 2019 8:00am PDT

Applicant type: College / University Individuals

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: United Kingdom

Location of residency: United Kingdom

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We have a strong commitment to funding curiosity-led research and continue to advance excellent bioscience across our portfolio. You can submit research grant applications at any time for consideration by one of our Research Committees under our responsive mode scheme, on any topic within Our portfolio.

  • Research Committee A – animal disease, health and welfare
  • Research Committee B – plants, microbes, food and sustainability
  • Research Committee C – genes, development and STEM* approaches to biology Science Technology Engineering and Maths – Committee C will consider generic STEM approaches to biology; specific applications will be considered by the Committee providing the appropriate biological context
  • Research Committee D – molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology

Responsive mode priorities

BBSRC has a set of Council-wide strategic priority areas, described in our Strategic Plan. The responsive mode priorities reflect topics or activities within these broader strategic areas that we particularly wish to encourage and promote. They are:

Building Partnerships

There are three additional priorities that encourage working with partners to improve the effectiveness of research and the realisation of impact. They are not specific to particular areas of science or application.

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  • Eligible Institutions

    • Universities and Colleges of Higher Education in the UK which are funded by either one of the Higher Education Funding Councils or the Department of Education Northern Ireland and in which research is being undertaken within the BBSRC remit. These institutions have access to both Managed and Responsive Mode research grant funding. Institutions which are currently known to work within the BBSRC remit are listed at annex 1 to this document

    • Research organisation which have been granted the status of Independent Research Organisations (IRO) by BBSRC. Access to BBSRC funding by such organisations is by default limited to Managed Mode research grants only. A list of the current BBSRC IROs is at annex 2 to this document

  • Principal and/or Co-Applicant Eligibility

    • You must be resident in the UK at the time you submit your application which would normally be the closing date for submission to the grants round in which your application will be assessed. 

    • You should have or are about to take up, an appointment at one of the three BBSRC categories of eligible institutions acceptable to BBSRC the tenure of which if not indefinite, must, in the event of the application being successful be guaranteed to outlast the period of the grant funding being applied for. Further, appointments must be funded from an Institutions central resources e.g. HEFC. If on a short term or fixed contract please bear in mind the possible impact that any slippage in the start date of your proposed grant might have on your position.

    • By acceptable appointment we mean that you have one of the following:

      • A full time or part-time post at an eligible institution at lecturer, reader, or professorial level

      • A research post at an eligible institution which is at least of equivalent standing to that of a lecturer. You will need though, to be able to demonstrate that you are carrying out the full range of staff academic duties as well as any laboratory research activities you are engaged in or are responsible for and you are carrying a level of responsibility and a range of duties appropriate to a person with substantial research experiences

      • A post as in either of the two bullet points above that is funded by a non-eligible organisation, but where you are actually employed on an open-ended contract by the eligible institution, and that institution accepts long-term liability for you

      • A post as in either of the first two bullet points above that is held in retirement

      • A post at lecturer, reader, or professorial level at an eligible institution held on a self funded basis and where you are also not in paid employment with a non eligible organisation such as the NHS

      • An RCUK Academic Fellowship or a postdoctoral fellowship awarded in open competition that has a status equating to at least lecturer level. However if your fellowship does not extend beyond the duration of your proposed grant you must have the guarantee from your host institution that if your grant application is successful they will provide you with an employment contract covering the outstanding period. If you are a RCUK Academic Fellows who is initially supported as a Post Doctoral Research Assistant (PDRA) on a research grant please be aware they you cannot start any successful award until you have completed your PDRA duties, on your original research grant.

      • A staff post at a Research Council Institute at the BBSRC Band 5 (E) equivalent grade or above.