BPOA/Peter Seabrook Bursary

David Colegrave Foundation

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Anticipated deadline: Jan 31, 2021

Grant amount: £1,000

Fields of work: Horticulture & Gardening

Applicant type: Undergraduate Student, College / University

Funding uses: Scholarship, Conference

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: United Kingdom

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The David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) is a registered charity supporting the development of the ornamental horticultural industry in the UK by offering scholarships to those who are set on a career in commercial ornamental horticulture.

The DCF has partnered with several of the UK's leading horticultural businesses to offer scholarships to students wanting a career in the gardening industry.

Sponsors for this are The British Protected Ornamentals Association , a trade association for the producers of ornamental pot and bedding plants, and Peter Seabrook, DCF Trustee and well-known horticultural writer and broadcaster.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Scholarships are open to all students completing horticulture related courses in the UK.
  • Candidates must be students attending, or enrolled to attend college, university or a similar educational establishment on a full or part time basis with a view to seeking permanent full time employment in commercial or production horticulture on completion of their course.
  • Who Should apply:
    • Students studying commercial horticulture. 
    • The scholarship is also available to schools and horticultural colleges to finance trips for students over 16 years of age to leading commercial horticultural establishments.