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CA CARES: Humanities Relief Grants For Organizations

California Humanities

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Deadline: The deadline for this grant has passed

Grant amount: US $5,000 - US $20,000

Fields of work: Museums & Cultural Institutions Economics Library & Information Science Philosophy Linguistics Library Services History Geography Sociology Anthropology & Cultural Studies Show all

Applicant type: Indigenous Group, Nonprofit

Funding uses: General Operating Expense

Location of project: California

Location of residency: California

About this funder:



CA CARES: Humanities Relief Grants

CA CARES: Humanities Relief Grants for organizations aim to provide general operating support to organizations that have experienced the cancellation of their public humanities activities due to a decrease or loss of revenue, cancellation of programming opportunities, loss of paid staff, or venues as a result of COVID-19. 

Applicants may request between $5,000 and $20,000 in general operating support. Grant awards will be determined in proportion to an organization’s budget size, and grant requests can be no more than 10% of an organization’s current operating budget.   

Applications will be accepted from California-based public agencies (including libraries, museums, schools, universities and colleges, and tribal governments) and California-based organizations with a minimum two-year organizational history.  

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Applicants may include:
    • Categorically-defined humanities provider organizations:
      • Museum, library, archive, historical society, cultural center, humanities department or division of a K-12 educational institution or college or university.
      • Entities that can demonstrate a substantial track record of public humanities work within the past five years.  
    • Associations and organizations that do not have tax-exempt status may apply under the auspices of an eligible fiscal sponsor.
      • Fiscal sponsors must be California-based.
    • Current California Humanities grantees are eligible to apply.


  • Prior grant history with California Humanities is NOT required.
  • CA CARES Relief Grants Are Not Intended to Support:
    • Activities and projects primarily intended to advance a specific policy or political agenda or to influence legislation (advocacy).
    • The purchase of land or facilities, construction or renovation.
    • Overlapping project costs with any other pending or approved application(s) for federal funding.
    • Projects that fall outside of the humanities (including the creation or performance of art; creative writing, autobiographies, memoirs, and creative nonfiction; and empirically based social science research or policy studies).
    • Prizes, awards, scholarships, grants.


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