Semi-Annual Competitive Grant

The Cabell Foundation

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Grant amount: US $20,000 - US $1,000,000

Next deadline: Mar 2, 2020 1:15pm PST

Later deadlines: Sep 2, 2020 1:15pm PDT

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Capital Project

Location of project: Virginia

Location of residency: Virginia

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About this funder:



About the Foundation

Founded in 1957 by Mr. Robert G. Cabell, III, and Mrs. Maude Morgan Cabell, the Cabell Foundation was established as a private, non-operating foundation to support the permanent needs of charitable organizations throughout Virginia, with particular emphasis on agencies in the metro Richmond region. Since its inception, the Cabell Foundation has provided permanent gifts and challenge grants to a diverse mix of nonprofit institutions. Mr. and Mrs. Cabell believed the Foundation should be responsive to human need in its deliberations and in taking initiative that would inspire the community to action. Early awards supported higher education and the cultural arts, including the Valentine Museum, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Randolph Macon College and Hampden-Sydney College.

Mr. and Mrs. Cabell and the founding board members recognized the value of focused, strategic support and chose not to blanket the community with token grants. Today, Cabell Foundation support provides important leverage for the charitable sector in challenging the generosity of the donor community. The long term vision of the Foundation is to continue to meet the philanthropic needs of the community and to exist in perpetuity. Communities across the Commonwealth have been enriched by Foundation support to cultural arts institutions, historic preservation sites, environment and conservation initiatives, community development efforts, higher education infrastructure and the social services sector.

Competitive Grants

The cornerstone of the competitive grants program provides support for permanent, capital projects. Generally, awards are made on a challenge or match basis in order to help stimulate broad community support. The challenge may be in any form, such as matching the award in some multiple of the grant, raising a stated percentage of the total goal, securing a specified number of new gifts or other parameters set by the Foundation. Typically, no more than 50% of the matching funds for a challenge grant may come from other private foundations. Depending on the specific circumstances of each project, other conditions may be required prior to payment. Grant periods are typically 12-18 months from the date of the award notification. Competitive grants are generally paid in one payment. Proposals are reviewed twice a year during the Spring and Fall Grants meeting.

Funding Areas of Interest

The Foundation is multi-purpose in its support and accepts proposals from organizations that represent the following categories. Funding is not allocated across these program areas. The competitive nature of the proposals drives funding recommendations and decisions. Representative examples of grants in each category are listed below.

Cultural Arts: Museum exhibitions and expansion; collection processing and storage; performing arts venue renovations; building acquisition; and, technology infrastructure.

Civic & Community: Neighborhood development initiatives; civic engagement projects; and, recreational projects that promote increased access to public spaces regardless of economic or physical limitations.

Conservation & Environment: Watershed protection and preservation; reclamation projects; wildlife protection; and, environmental outreach and education.

Education: Libraries; laboratories and equipment; technology; and, general physical plant support to private colleges and universities. Limited support for capital needs related to workforce training and development projects at the community college level. The Foundation also supports special projects at Virginia Commonwealth University, The College of William & Mary and Virginia Military Institute.

Historic Preservation: Site acquisition; infrastructure repair; exterior and interior renovations; and, exhibit installation.

Social Services, Health & Welfare: Building acquisition and/or renovation for health clinics; affordable housing; domestic violence shelters; vocational rehabilitation; and, mental health services. Technology and equipment support for hunger relief programs; healthcare clinics; and job training.

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  • The Foundation awards grants to organizations which are tax-exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3) and are not private foundations as described under Section 509(a).
  • Qualified nonprofit organizations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia are eligible for support.
  • An eligible organization may apply for subsequent funding after three years of receipt of any previous grant payment.


  • Preference will be given to agencies in the Richmond metropolitan region.


  • Public sector agencies are not eligible for support.
  • State and local government majority supported entities are not eligible for Foundation support, however, exceptions may be made for a limited number of institutions. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Science Museum of Virginia fall into this category.
  • Grants will not be made to individuals, scholarship funds or general endowments. Grants for special restricted-purpose endowments or for special equipment needs may be considered if the agency is otherwise eligible for support.
  • Grants will not be made for debt reduction or for general operating expenses.
  • The Foundation does not support national fund drives, mass appeals or umbrella organizations.
  • Churches and other religious institutions are not eligible for support except for the repair of damage resulting from fire, flood or other catastrophe or for historic preservation. Applicants must demonstrate that efforts were made to raise the necessary funds from the congregation and other normal sources of support with little potential of success.