Caners Foundation: College Scholarship Program

California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers

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Grant amount: More than US $2,500

Anticipated deadline: Mar 15, 2020

Applicant type: Undergraduate Student

Funding uses: Scholarship

Location of project: California

Location of residency: California

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About this funder:



The CANERS Foundation has funds available to support research projects pertinent to the production, post-harvest handling and marketing of nursery crops.

Nursery crops include shrubs and trees produced in containers, field grown deciduous trees and rose bushes, annual bedding plants, foliage and flowering pot plants, sod, and succulent plants. Grants are made for specific research projects that deal with:

  • propagation
  • production systems
  • culture, including irrigation and fertilization
  • soil mixes
  • insect, disease, and weed control
  • energy conservation
  • mechanization
  • post-harvest handling and transportation
  • marketing

The CANERS Foundation distributes scholarship applications for the benefit of students who are interested in pursuing an education and career in horticulture to all two year and four year colleges from which a horticulture degree can be obtained.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Applicant must reside in California and attend a California school.
  • Applicants must be college students who are currently enrolled in no fewer than 6 units within a program related to the nursery industry.
  • Applicants must be students who are entering or returning to college in a horticulture related field in the fall or spring.


  • Grades are important but a B student who participates in horticulture related activities may be selected over the A student who does not participate in FFA or 4-H or other related activities.


  • The following Majors are not accepted for this scholarship:
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Dairy Science
    • Enology
    • Floral Design
    • Golf/Sports Turf Management
    • Animal Science
    • Landscape Contractor