CFSBC Community Impact Matching Grant

Community Foundation of San Benito County

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Grant amount: Up to US $10,000

Next anticipated deadline: Oct 4, 2019

Later anticipated deadlines: Apr 19, 2020

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Applied Project / Program

Location of project: San Benito County, California

Location of residency: United States

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About this funder:



Community Impact Matching Grant 

The broad mission of Community Foundation Grantmaking is to enhance the quality of life in San Benito County. The Community Foundation is committed to fairly evaluating all matching grant requests submitted. To achieve this, the Grants Committee, supported by Foundation staff, reviews and recommends allocation of matching grant funds. The Grants Committee consists of a diverse and knowledgeable group of volunteer community members representing a broad spectrum of San Benito County. 

Proposals of Capacity Building Grants will be given highest priority followed by grants for specific projects in the following Fields of Interest:

  • Agriculture Preservation 
    • Supporting programs which sustain our robust farmland, and promoting our agriculture community.
  • Environment 
    • Supporting programs which promote the best environmental practices for the well-being of our community.
  • Arts & Culture 
    • Supporting new and traditional forms of visual and performing arts through education and experience.
  • Community Enhancement 
    • Providing an enduring impact through the civic and historical aspects of community life. 
  • Economic Development 
    • Supporting projects and initiatives that lead to economic growth and prosperity for the community.
  • Education & Youth 
    • Supporting programs which enhance learning and impact knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  • Health & Social Services 
    • Improving health and providing for basic needs and social service programs .

All Matching Grant Applications accepted will be fairly evaluated and ranked based upon the most effective use of grant resources with emphasis on community impact, financial leverage, collaboration, and sustainability.

Values and Criteria 

Emphasis will be placed on projects which include the following values and criteria:

  • Creates a positive impact in areas of demonstrated need within San Benito County.
  • Supports diversity of the community with fairness and respect .
  • Addresses significant community issues .
  • Strengthens organizational capacity and accountability .
  • Encourages collaboration and coordination of service delivery .
  • Leverages financial opportunities from other funders and individuals .
  • Boosts management capacity to effectively execute the project to conclusion .
  • Provides a concise plan for project evaluation and documented sustainability.
  • Demonstrates significant financial need and avoids duplication of service .

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Each organization is allowed only one Matching Grant per calendar year.
    • If a grant is not awarded to an organization in the first grant cycle, that organization is eligible to apply for the second grant cycle.
    • Organizations who collaborate with other organizations may participate in a second application, provided another organization is the active lead of the collaboration.
    • Applications will not be carried over to subsequent grant periods.  


  • Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate the greatest likelihood of achieving measurable results in the following Fields of Interest: Health & Social Services, Community Enhancement (Development), and Youth & Education. 


  • In general, CFFSBC will not fund the following:
    • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
    • Programs that benefit a specific individual.
    • Fraternal or service organizations, unless in support of specific programs open to or benefiting the entire community.
    • Salaries or operating expenses of schools, government departments and agencies or related organizations.
    • Nonprofit organizations that spend more than 25% of their revenue on management, overhead, or fundraising costs. 
    • Fundraising events such as annual campaigns, walk-a-thons, tournaments, fashion shows, dinners, and auctions. 
    • Private foundations or fundraising organizations. 
    • Organizations and programs designed to support political activities. 
    • Organizations located outside San Benito County unless for a specific program benefiting residents within San Benito County. 
    • Pay off existing obligations or enable funding of reserve accounts
    • Endowment funds. 
    • Scholarships, fellowships, travel grants, and academic, technical or specialized research.
    • Programs that are completed or nearly completed. 
    • Applications for grant requests that far exceed a reasonable proportion to the applicant’s financial scale. 
    • Organizations that are not run or governed by a responsible group of at least four persons. 
    • Routine funding that others can or will do. 
    • Failure to provide follow-up reports or comply with requirements of prior grants. 
    • Requests greater than 50% of the proposed project/program budget.