Grassroots Exchange Fund (GXF) Grant

Common Counsel Foundation

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Grant amount: Up to US $5,000

Next anticipated deadline: Feb 4, 2019

Later anticipated deadlines: Mar 4, 2019, Apr 1, 2019, May 6, 2019, Jun 3, 2019, Jul 1, 2019, Aug 5, 2019, Sep 3, 2019, Oct 1, 2019, Nov 5, 2019

Applicant type: Nonprofit Indigenous Group

Funding uses: Education / Outreach

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: Alameda County, California

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Common Counsel’s Grassroots Exchange Fund is a rapid response small grants program designed to support networking and collaboration between grassroots social change and environmental justice organizations throughout the United States.

GXF prioritizes grants to small community-based groups seeking to meet face-to-face with other grassroots organizations, to build collaborative campaigns, and to benefit from technical assistance opportunities.

The program strives to meet three central goals:

  • To strengthen the ability of community organizations to participate in public debates
  • To strengthen key cross-region and cross-sector movements
  • To contribute to collaborative policy victories in the realms of social, environmental and economic justice. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The Fund typically makes grants to grassroots community-based organizations working on social, racial, economic, and environmental justice initiatives that give voice to the needs of low-income people, women, youth, and people of color.  
  • Organizations are only eligible for one GXF grant annually.
  • Grassroots Exchange Fund is currently accepting applications for organizations or exchanges based in Oakland, CA, only. 


  • Priority is given to:
    • Organizations that most clearly demonstrate a membership-led community-organizing model that is working toward social, racial, economic or environmental policy change. 
    • Organizations based in and organizing in low- or moderate-income communities.
    • Organizations that operate with a clear racial justice and intersectional framework. 
    • Organizations that have a strong group of leaders and board members that represent the community they serve and who are accountable to the community.
    • Organizations that have strong leadership development programs for their members.
    • Organizations that have a concrete plan to grow and to build more power by getting more people involved.
    • Organizations that organize collective action of members to bring concerns to public officials and other decision-makers.
    • Organizations that can demonstrate alliances with base-building organizations.
    • Proposed exchanges or events that promote strategy development and skills transfer between organizations and leaders.
    • Organizations working in “hard to fund” areas, including the southern US, the “rust belt” and Rocky Mountain States.
    • Current or recent grant recipients of other Common Counsel member funds or the Akonadi Foundation.
    • Small organizations that do not have access to large government, corporate or private funding sources, and for whom a small grant from GXF would make a significant impact.
    • Applicants that have not received recent GXF funding (grants are typically not awarded for more than three consecutive years).
    • Organizations that have IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt status or a fiscal sponsor who does.


  • GXF generally does not fund the following:
    • Organizations located outside of the United States;
    • Direct social services;
    • Government agencies and programs;
    • Capital expenditure, endowments, construction or renovation programs;
    • Scholarship funds or other aid to individuals;
    • Schools and educational institutions, cultural institutions, or medical institutions;
    • Film, video, publications or other media projects;
    • Grantmaking institutions;
    • Research or fellowships.