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Conagra Brands Foundation

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Deadline: Mar 15, 2019 (Letter of inquiry)

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach

Location of project: Preferred: Arkansas, California, Georgia (US state), Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin Other eligible locations: United States

Location of residency: United States

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Conagra Brands Foundation

We believe everyone has a right to healthy and nutritious food. However, this is not the reality for many, as food insecurity exists in every county of the United States.

To make an impact and raise awareness of food insecurity, the Conagra Brands Foundation engages our employees, partners with leading local and national nonprofits, and inspires others to create a world where people have access to the food they need to reach their full potential.

Community Grants

Through our community impact grant program, the Conagra Brands Foundation continues to build upon our rich heritage of investing in the communities where Conagra Brands operates. We partner with respected community-based nonprofits that provide highly effective programs to transform people’s lives.

Focus Areas

The LOI must strategically align with our core areas of focus which include: 

  • food access
  • nutrition education
  • cooking skills
  • healthy and active lifestyles 
  • select urban agricultural programs that have a clear community focus and provide entrepreneurial skills to help individuals participate in the farm to fork economy

Partnership and collaboration is essential, especially when working to impact large social issues. Therefore, we seek partnerships with highly respected nonprofit organizations with leadership teams that challenge the current status quo with innovative approaches that result in viable solutions. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The Conagra Brands Foundation supports select nonprofit organizations that align with our core focus areas.


  • Preference is given to highly effective nonprofits with high-impact projects that occur in and near the communities where our employees live and work.


  • Contributions are not considered for:
    • Individuals
    • Fiscal agents
    • Organizations that discriminate for any reason, including race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, national origin or sexual orientation
    • Political campaigns or organizations whose mission is to influence legislation
    • Religious organizations seeking to further a denominational or sectarian purpose