Appropriation of Funds to Nonprofit Organizations

County of Hawai'i

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Anticipated deadline: Jan 31, 2021 6:30pm PST

Applicant type: Nonprofit Elementary / Secondary School

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Hawaii

Location of residency: Hawaii

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Pursuant to Chapter 2, Article 25, of the Hawai'i County Code relating to appropriation of funds to nonprofit organizations, the County of Hawai'i is soliciting grant applications from qualified nonprofit organizations (501(c)3). 

For more specific information about the County's nonprofit organization grant program, please refer to Chapter 2, Article 25 of the Hawai'i County Code, which is available on the County of Hawai'i's website.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Only one (1) application will be accepted per program.
    • An agency may submit applications for multiple programs, however.
    • Agencies administering multiple programs must submit a separate grant application for each individual program.
    • Service descriptions and budget tables must reflect the full scope of each  program’s operations.
  • Applications must be for projects/programs which occur during the fiscal year of the grant award, and all awarded funds must be spent within that same Fiscal Year.
  • All grant payments made by the County to nonprofit organizations are to be made in accordance with these standards so that the funded nonprofit programs yield direct benefits to the public and accomplish public purposes.
  • No grant to a nonprofit organization shall be made unless the nonprofit organization meets the following criteria:
    • The nonprofit organization is chartered or otherwise authorized to do business in the State for charitable purposes and exempted from the Federal income tax by the Internal Revenue Service.
    • The purposes for which the nonprofit organization is organized provide benefits to the people of the County.
    • The service or activity to be provided by the nonprofit organization, and funded by the County, shall address
      • educational concerns,
      • culture and the arts,
      • the needs of the poor, youth, the aged, those with physical or emotional disabilities,
      • victims of crimes,
      • victims of health or social crises, or
      • public health and welfare of the people and the environment, as may be determined by the County.
    • The nonprofit organization has a governing board whose members serve without compensation and have no conflict of interest between their regular occupations and the services provided by the nonprofit organization.
    • The nonprofit organization has bylaws or policies which describe the manner in which business is conducted, including management, audit, and fiscal policies and procedures, policies on nepotism, and policies on management of potential conflict of interest.
    • The nonprofit organization has at least one year’s experience with the service or activity for which the appropriation is sought or can otherwise demonstrate to the satisfaction of the County sufficient expertise to successfully carry out the service or activity.
    • The nonprofit organization must be licensed and accredited in accordance with applicable requirements of Federal, State and County laws.