Stuntz Mycology Fund: Individual and Institutional Grant

Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation

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Next deadline: Oct 1, 2024

Later deadlines: Mar 1, 2025

Grant amount: More than US $1,000

Fields of work: Mycology

Applicant type: Unaffiliated Researcher, Nonprofit, College / University, Museum/Library/Zoo

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: Canada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Counties in Alaska: Haines Borough Show all

Location of residency: Anywhere in the world

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NOTE: Applications for Individual Grants of $1000 or less, will be accepted at any time. Applications for Individual Grants of more than $1000 are due by the deadlines above.

Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation was started in 1984 by the friends, colleagues and students of the late Dr. Daniel E. Stuntz. They sought to honor his memory by providing financial support to researchers, educators and students of mycology in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2017 grant-making services are carried out by The Stuntz Mycology Fund to serve the same goals.

Stuntz Mycology Fund

 The Stuntz Mycology Fund grant program provides financial support for mycological research and education in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).

What we will consider
  • Equipment, supplies and analytical services for mycological research
  • Registration and travel for students to attend conferences in which they are presenting results of projects funded by the Stuntz foundation
  • Materials and supplies for myco-education
  • Limited expenses for travel for fieldwork
  • Expenses for fungal herbaria
Average grant size
Average range is $1,000 to $6,000. Requests for $1000 or less will be considered year-round. Those asking for more than $1000 will be considered at our bi-annual board meetings.

Individual Grants

These grants may be awarded directly to individuals who normally are not working under the auspices of a college/university, herbarium, museum, or other not-for-profit organization. Individual Grants are often awarded on a reimbursement basis.

Institutional Grants

These grants may be awarded to students, researchers, or teachers working under the auspices of, a college/university, herbarium, museum, or other not-for-profit organization. All funds are to be used for the proposed research or educational activities.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Geographic focus
    • The Pacific Northwest. We define this area as Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana, southwest British Columbia, and southeast and south-coastal Alaska. Applicants not residing in the PNW may apply, provided their research involves PNW fungi.
  • Allowable costs could include items such as:
    • Expendable supplies
    • Laboratory analyses
    • Equipment
    • Expenses to attend conferences (We encourage students to also seek support from the conference organizers and their home institution).
    • Travel expenses, limited to road mileage at $0.31/mile, and sometimes camping fees.
    • Honoraria for visiting guest speakers.
  • Compensation for non-salaried individuals such as undergraduate students assisting as part of their curriculum will sometimes be considered.
  • SMF favorably views projects that are lean and/or will obtain additional funds from other sources.


  • Priority will be given to projects involving mushroom-forming fungi (“macrofungi,” “macromycetes”), as they were the focus of Dr. Stuntz’s research.


  • We do not accept applications for the following:
    • For-profit organizations or commercial companies
    • Salaries
    • Institutional overhead
    • Federal or institutionally set mileage and per diem rates for travel
    • Page charges 
    • Applications from outside the Pacific Northwest (PNW)
      • (except in cases when the research is focused on PNW fungi)
    • College or university tuition

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