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Note: We are unable to fund all requests we receive. In a typical year, about 15 percent of our grants are awarded to first-time grantees and less than one percent come from unsolicited proposals.


Since its inception, the Packard Foundation has supported land conservation in the North American West. The region is home to some of the continent’s greatest natural treasures and last remaining wilderness. With its unique biodiversity and spectacular topography, this rich array of iconic landscapes has strong cultural significance for people who live there and visitors from around the world.

The Foundation’s land conservation efforts were built upon David and Lucile’s personal interest and support and have expanded to touch nearly every state in the United States west of the continental divide, along with areas of Canada and Mexico. Over the years, the Foundation has supported a wide range of activities to protect these special landscapes—including scientific research, policy research, advocacy, building capacity of organizations engaged in this work, and supporting the purchase of critical lands or easements protecting those lands.

What We're Doing

We invest in opportunities to conserve the North American West’s greatest natural treasures and last remaining wilderness to ensure the sustainability of these special places.

Investing in West-Wide Land Conservation

Using flexible financing to protect and restore ecologically important lands and corridors, and scale innovative models of ecosystem management across the Western United States.

In addition to grants, the Foundation makes Mission Investments (MI) which offer flexible financing to support land conservation efforts in the Western United States. Through a variety of investment tools including bridge loans, investment funds and social enterprises, these MIs provide a significant opportunity to bring new resources, new thinking, scale, and sustainability to organizations that are driving change.

Over the years, the Foundation’s low-interest MI loans have provided affordable financing for conservation acquisition and restoration projects in advance of available public financing, built the capacity and sophistication of many land trusts, and greatly leveraged philanthropic grant funding available for conservation. As an impact-first investor, the highest return we seek is social and environmental impact to advance our grantmaking strategies.

We envision a future where deeply impactful and innovative investments are integral to philanthropic funders work and prevalent throughout the mission investing field. We want our investees to thrive, seize time sensitive opportunities, and scale efforts for maximum impact; and we want to continue to collaborate with other investors to move the needle on the issues that were so important to our founders, including land conservation.

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  • We accept grant proposals only for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes, primarily from tax-exempt, charitable organizations.


  • The Packard Foundation does not fund the following:
    • Lobbying and activities to influence specific legislation
    • Conference fees and tuition assistance
    • Religious organizations
    • Individuals