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DTE Energy Foundation Grants

DTE Energy Foundation

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Grant amount: More than US $500

Deadline: The deadline for this grant has passed

Applicant type: Nonprofit Government Entity

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Applied Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in Michigan: Alcona County, Alger County, Alpena County, Antrim County, Benzie County Expand all

Location of residency: United States

About this funder:

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Who we are

Among the state’s largest foundations committed to Michigan-focused giving, the DTE Energy Foundation supports initiatives focused on arts and culture, community transformation, economic progress, education and employment, environment and human needs. Not only do we want to create an economic impact across the state, but we want to provide hope and inspiration to communities making a difference in the lives of our customers. The DTE Energy Foundation supports events and programs that help generate more than $50 million in local economic activity in the past year.

The DTE Energy Foundation is intentional in its investments. We focus on the opportunities that are closely aligned with our six areas of giving and where our support can accomplish statewide growth and progress

Giving Priorities

Arts & Culture

We seek to build strong, healthy cities by advancing the integration of arts and culture into community revitalization. The arts enrich our lives by encouraging self-expression and awakening curiosity, creativity and the desire for knowledge – which promotes vibrant and diverse communities. By supporting cultural institutions and community organizations, the DTE Energy Foundation is strengthening the economic vitality of cities across Michigan – helping draw visitors, showcase local businesses, and further grow communities.

Priority will be given to organizations or initiatives that:

  • Demonstrate the positive quantifiable economic impact of their arts and cultural programming
  • Serve a diverse population of community members through their arts and culture programming

Community Transformation

By partnering with local nonprofits, we draw on their expertise and knowledge of local communities to transform neighborhoods and positively impact the success and growth of their residents. Our support aims to make the streets and neighborhoods we live in integral to the economic vitality of Michigan.

Priority will be given to organizations or initiatives that:

  • Improve community assets for residents’ use
  • Affect the creation of new local businesses
  • Effectively connect residents to programs that improve their quality of life

Economic Progress

The DTE Energy Foundation works to promote economic progress by helping Michigan attract, retain and expand businesses. We support organizations that are focused on creating a culture of innovation through entrepreneurship, accelerating economic growth, as well as attracting, strengthening and developing companies throughout Michigan. We invest in efforts that generate jobs, reimagine development opportunities and strengthen cities, ultimately resulting in statewide growth and economic resilience.

Priority will be given to organizations or initiatives that:

  • Increase business expansion and attraction
  • Provide employment opportunities for underserved populations
  • Provide support for small and minority businesses
  • Demonstrate the economic impact for the community

Education & Employment

The DTE Energy Foundation supports programs that provide hands-on, real-world education and job opportunities that prepare and motivate underserved youth and adults, differently-abled individuals, veterans, returning citizens and other community members. We focus on developing programs for at-risk, disadvantaged youth and transitioning adults to generate opportunities for obtaining sustainable living wage skills-based jobs, while maintaining our support of key STEM initiatives. Through our support, organizations across the state are developing a talent pipeline that creates career pathways and provides a bright future for individuals in need.

Priority will be given to organizations or initiatives that:

  • Assist participants in obtaining new occupational skills or educational credentials
  • Connect individuals to sustainable living-wage employment
  • Provide programs that expose young people to skills-based careers
  • Provide participants an opportunity to improve skills in a related STEM discipline


The DTE Energy Foundation believes in sustaining and protecting Michigan’s treasured natural resources – and to help build the state’s future. We aim to educate and assist our communities in achieving leading environmental outcomes through our support of environmental leadership that emphasize water quality, wildlife, air and recycling waste. The DTE Energy Foundation partners with organizations seeking similar goals in supporting sustainability efforts that make communities stronger, more desirable and more resilient.

Priority will be given to organizations or initiatives that:

  • Demonstrate the impact of their sustainability programming

Human Needs

Through partnerships with human service organizations, the DTE Energy Foundation is focused on making sure that the needs of our neighbors and their communities are met. We promote programs that remove barriers and support innovative approaches to meeting basic human needs, including food, shelter, and health and wellness. Our support increases the choice and supply of safe shelter options and leverages existing programs that offer nutritious food to individuals in need across our state.

Priority will be given to organizations or initiatives that:

  • Can effectively address the immediate economic, social or physical needs of families or individuals
  • Demonstrate how their programming assists families and individuals in stabilizing their immediate needs
  • Improve and create long-term sustainability for families

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  • To be considered for a charitable contribution from DTE Energy or the DTE Energy Foundation, the requesting organization must meet all of the following criteria:
    • Be located in or provide services to a community in which DTE Energy does business
    • Be a nonprofit (i.e. be exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not a private foundation, as defined in Section 509(a) of the Code)


  • Contributions are not given to:
    • Individuals (including those seeking direct scholarships)
    • Political parties, organizations or activities
    • Organizations for religious (denominational) purposes
    • Organizations that are not able to demonstrate commitment to equality and diversity (clients, staff and board composition)
    • Student group trips
    • National or international organizations, unless they are providing benefits directly to our service-area residents
    • Projects that may result in undue personal benefit to a member of the DTE Energy Foundation board or to any DTE Energy employee
    • Conferences, unless they are aligned with DTE Energy’s business interests
    • Single purpose health organizations
    • Hospitals, for building or equipment needs
    • Little leagues and/or sports teams