Rest Cottage Association Grant

Ebell of Los Angeles

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Deadline: Jul 31, 2020

Grant amount: Up to US $25,000

Fields of work: Women & Girl Services Women's Health

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program

Location of project: Los Angeles County, California

Location of residency: Los Angeles County, California

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Ebell of Los Angeles

The Ebell of Los Angeles is a community of members, diverse in background, ethnicity, experience, point of view, talents, interest and passions. Though we gather in our historic and beautiful Ebell building, it is our membership which is our most precious asset.  

The Ebell of Los Angeles is a social and philanthropic jewel in Los Angeles’ crown. The Ebell Club is an educational and philanthropic organization founded by women in 1894. The historic Ebell Clubhouse and Wilshire Ebell Theatre was built in 1927 and is designated an Official American Treasure. The Ebell is host to the Women’s Club activities as well as special events, weddings, theatrical productions, concerts, red carpet premiers and film productions. The Glamour, The Elegance, The Legacy…The Ebell. 

For more than 80 years this entity has aided women in need of loving care. At the outset, Ebell members donated their time and services to women convalescing in a small cottage they owned. 

Rest Cottage Association

About 100 years ago, the term “Rest Cottage” referred to a modest house where the ladies of the Ebell provided solace for women who needed to convalesce before returning to their homes.

As Rest Cottage Chair Shan Sutherland relates, “In the 1970s when Medicare came in, it provided a new insurance benefit to help women. The Ebell sold its last building in 1980 and the proceeds became the seed money for what is now the RCA endowment.” Once as high as $4 million, the endowment is now about $3 million and this year donated $134,000 to eight organizations serving women in need. 

Shan explains, “Organizations submit applications and we review them based on many criteria. Then pairs of volunteers make a site visit to those charities. They come back and report and we vote on how much money to give to each.”

Rest Cottage Association Grant

Today more than $150,000 is donated annually to Los Angeles charities benefiting women. The Rest Cottage grants support abused women, homeless women, ill women and their children.

This year RCA Women helping Women has four strategic goals. First, Shan would like to identify mentors from some larger organizations like the Annenberg Foundation and the NEA to help provide guidance on how to take the program to the next level. Second is to increase the visibility of the good works being done. Third is to attract more committee members and volunteers. And fourth, “We want to lay the groundwork to be able to accept donations from other charities, public companies and individuals who believe in our mission.”

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  • To be eligible, all applicants must:
    • Be based in Los Angeles County
    • Be a 501(c)(3)
    • Share our mission of helping in-need women in the Los Angeles community