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Predicted deadline: Mar 28, 2023

Grant amount: US $150,000 - US $250,000

Fields of work: Educational Access & Equity Racial / Ethnic Justice & Rights Learning Disabilities Poverty Alleviation & Services

Applicant type: Organizations, Individuals

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: United States

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What We Fund

We’re looking for the people with the ideas that are going to change education and open doors for all children. The call has never been more urgent to innovate — to bring new approaches and new organizations that will give every child a great chance in life. Each and every child has a fundamental right to an excellent education — one that leaves her ready to create a fulfilling life, make positive change, and help build an equitable future for everyone. Yet, too many children — especially in Black, Latino and low-income neighborhoods — don’t have access to the learning opportunities they need. If you have a plan to change that, we want to support you.

We believe the genius to create an excellent and equitable education system already exists in our nation, in our communities, and that new ideas must have the support they need to grow. That’s why NewSchools offers not just funding, but partnership and support, to innovators who seek to build strong schools and organizations dedicated to a more just future in education.

EDge Fund

We will invest more than $5 million through our EDge Fund, which is how we deploy resources to meet pressing needs in the sector in responsive ways. Through this fund, we will invest in solutions that extend beyond any single investment area, with a focus on innovations that empower students with learning differences, specifically those who are also facing the impacts of poverty and racism, as well as innovations emerging in response to the pandemic. We are interested in hearing your best ideas for how schools can recover and rebuild from the pandemic and chart new paths for students to realize their full potential.

Ventures will receive a one-year, unrestricted grant ranging from $150,000 to $250,000, depending on the stage of the idea. If you are still developing your strategy or are in the process of piloting your idea, you are likely to receive a grant on the lower end of our range. If you already have a clear strategy and a successful pilot under your belt, you will probably land toward the top of our range

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • NewSchools is committed to partnering with Learning Solutions innovators to reimagine learning and unlock better outcomes for students across the country.
  • We fund early-stage organizations and new initiatives to help us get to a more excellent and equitable education system.
    • We can grant funds through fiscal sponsors or, at times, to individuals directly, but we expect that you are working towards securing your non-profit or for-profit status. 
    • If you are a school with an idea that can be scaled to impact students beyond your school or a district with a new idea that will be implemented across your system and it is aligned with our focus areas, investment criteria and eligibility requirements then yes, please apply to this funding opportunity.
  • The early-stage organizations and new initiatives within existing organizations that we fund have a vision for scale — whether it is growing the number of people you serve, deepening the offerings you provide, or influencing the practice of others. 


  • While we prioritize investing in new, early-stage organizations (which are typically 0 to 2-years old), we also invest in new initiatives at existing organizations. 
    • If you fall in the latter category, know that we are interested in truly new and untried efforts, not incremental improvements to your current work.


  • NewSchools does not fund 501c4s or policy-focused efforts.
  • If you are a school or school system interested in either designing and/or opening a new school in the coming school years, please do not apply to this funding opportunity.
  • If you are applying to implement a specific program or project at only your school, please do not apply to this funding opportunity. 


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