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Anticipated deadline: May 15, 2021

Grant amount: Up to C $30,000

Fields of work: Environmental Conservation Outdoor Recreation Wildlife Management Environmental Stewardship Water Resource Management Environmental Education Soil Science Air Quality Climate Change Resilience Fisheries Show all

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach

Location of project: Canada

Location of residency: Canada

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Environment Yukon manages the preservation and maintenance of a biologically diverse natural environment and the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources. We can’t do it alone and that’s why we created the Environmental Awareness Fund.

The $30,000 Environmental Awareness Fund (EAF) supports the efforts of grassroots organizations to educate, engage and connect Yukon communities with the territory’s natural environment to promote conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and stewardship.

Applications from organizations that do not already benefit from a transfer payment agreement with the Government of Yukon will be given priority. In-kind contributions and financial support from other partners is encouraged. 

Environment Yukon takes a leading role in:

  • regulating and enforcing safe standards for air, water, and soil;
  • managing human impacts on fish and wildlife;
  • providing quality outdoor recreation opportunities in territorial parks and campgrounds;
  • and in addressing the challenge of global climate change.

Examples of eligible projects include:

  • Educational camps and workshops;
  • Brochures, web content, videos and other educational materials;
  • Awareness campaigns;
  • Outreach booths and events;
  • Public lectures.

Examples of eligible project content includes:

  • Recycling, compost and waste reduction;
  • Yukon species and habitat conservation;
  • Water stewardship;
  • Human-wildlife conflict prevention;
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation;
  • Sustainable practices for outdoor recreating (hiking, paddling, wildlife viewing, hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, ATVing, sledding, etc.); 
  • Backcountry etiquette/Leave No Trace principles;
  • First Nation cultural connection with the environment

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Who can apply: a registered NGO in good standing under the Societies Act.
    • A non-governmental organization (NGO) as defined in G.A.M Policy 1.16 is a, "Yukon registered not-for-profit agency in good standing, that is not a level of government and is not a product of legislation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Council of Yukon First Nations will not be considered  to be an NGO for the purpose of this policy."
  • Applicant organizations must be a registered society in good standing under the Yukon Societies Act. 


  • Funding cannot be used for:
    • Annual programming;
    • Administrative costs or contingency funds;
    • Staff wages or honoraria (Elder and expert honoraria exempt);
    • Expenses not connected to the project outlined in the application;
    • Expenses that do not have verifiable receipts.