Environmental Activities Grant Program

Toyota Foundation - Japan

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Grant amount: ¥1,000,000 - ¥7,000,000

Deadline: Jun 6, 2019

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Research, Applied Project / Program

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: Japan

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Symbiotic relationship between human activities and the environment is critical for the development of economically-sound and stable societies in the twenty-first century. To build sustainable societies, both present and future generation must recognize their responsibility for preserving world resources and overcome international environmental challenges.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TOYOTA) recognizes environmental issues as a top management priority for sustainable development with advanced and diversified technologies, for the purpose of gaining trust and respect of all the customers around the world. With the wide variety of technologies, TOYOTA pursues recycling resources as well as makes efforts of reducing the environmental burden.

TOYOTA has initiated a number of corporate activities to make their commitment to the environment, such as the world's first mass-production and sales of hybrid vehicles, the construction of an environmental management system (including the ISO 14001 certification), and active disclosure of environment-related information. In recognition of various achievements in environmental protection and improvement, TOYOTA received the Global 500 Award from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1999.

The Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program was inaugurated in 2000, commemorating TOYOTA's receipt of the prestigious Global 500 Award, to further demonstrate TOYOTA's responsibility for the environment and sustainable development. Since then, as part of its social contribution activities, TOYOTA has been conducting the Grant Program to support environmental activities implemented by NPOs and other non-profit private groups.

Goals of the Program

With a view to achieve the creation of a prosperous society and to contribute to the sustainable development of such a society, TOYOTA adopts a set of principles for philanthropic activities where it will join forces with a broad segment of society, use its resources effectively, and engage in philanthropic activities that will contribute to solving social issues and that will promote the development of human resources who will lead the next generation, in line with local conditions in each country and region.

The Grant Program, based on the above-principles, offers support for projects committed to capacity building for the next-generation for environmental conservation, and to seeking solutions of environmental issues by NPOs and other non-profit private groups.

Scope of Grant Projects

In the belief that "monozukuri is about developing people," TOYOTA is supporting the activities of non-profit organizations that promote projects to foster individuals seeking solutions of environmental issues, and to contribute to practical problem-solving for those issues.


The themes are "Biodiversity Conservation" and "Climate change measures", representing serious and urgent issues for preserving the earth's environment.

Types of Grants

  • International Project Grants: Up to two years for a total  limit of 7 million Japanese yen.
  • Domestic Project Grants: Up to two years for a total limit of 3 million Japanese yen.
  • Domestic Project Small Grants: Up to two years for a total limit of 1 million Japanese yen.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Private nonprofit institutions / organizations are eligible for the grant.
  • NPOs (Non-profit organizations), NGOs (Non-governmental organizations), charitable organizations and officially unregistered voluntary organizations or groups are also encouraged to apply.
  • International Project Grants:
    • Projects conducted solely by Japan-based groups or in collaboration between Japan-based groups and foreign-based groups
    • Activities conducted in collaboration between foreign-based groups and overseas affiliates of Toyota Motor Corporation are eligible for this grant.
  • Domestic Project Grants:
    • Community-based projects for environment conservation conducted by Japan-based groups.
  • Domestic Small Grants:
    • Community-based projects for environment conservation conducted by Japan-based groups which have never received our grant funding in this program.


  • For-profits, national, regional and municipal government agencies, schools (including from kindergarten to universities) and international institutions (established by international agreements) are NOT eligible for this grant.
  • International Project Grants: Activities conducted solely by foreign-based groups are not eligible.