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Anticipated deadline: Mar 10, 2022

Grant amount: €1,000

Fields of work: Microbiology

Applicant type: Research Scientist, Faculty

Funding uses: Conference, Research

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: Europe

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FEMS is leading the way in promoting excellence and equality in science, and in channelling high quality knowledge to solving today’s societal problems around microbiology. It does this by funding research, publishing journals, organizing collaborative projects and partnering with other organizations.

About the Lwoff Award

Do you know anyone – either an individual or a group – that has provided outstanding service to microbiology in Europe? Have they done something that deserves recognition? Then why not nominate them for the FEMS-Lwoff Award? Winners receive:

  • a prize-lecture at the opening ceremony of the FEMS Congress – with up to five free registrations to the FEMS Congress
  • the opportunity to present research to the wider microbiology community via the FEMS Journals and FEMS communication channels
  • a commemorative silver medal
  • a working replica of an Antonie van Leeuwenhoek microscope
  • an honorarium of €1000

Launched in 2000, the FEMS-Lwoff Award rewards those that create high quality knowledge that helps to solve today’s societal problems around microbiology. It was named in honour of the 1st FEMS President (1974-1976), Professor André M. Lwoff.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Everyone in the field of microbiology (societies, groups, or individuals) may nominate a Lwoff Award candidate to be presented at the 2021 Congress
  • Who is eligible?
    • any person or a group of persons who has contributed outstanding service to microbiology in Europe.
    • all fields of microbiology are considered. Preference will be given to high quality scientific research activity that has a societal impact. Exceptionally, teaching, writing, or other kinds of service to microbiology may also be considered.
    • nominees are preferably working and residing in Europe. 


  • Members of the FEMS Executive Committee may not nominate candidates from their own country.

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