FHP Grant: Forest Health Monitoring Program, Evaluation Monitoring (EM)

USDA: Forest Service (USFS)

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Deadline: Oct 18, 2020

Applicant type: Organizations

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: United States

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Forest Health Monitoring (FHM) is a cooperative program that enables early detection and evaluation of changes in forest health conditions on all ownerships. The Evaluation Monitoring (EM) component of FHM is designed to evaluate undesirable changes in forest health. Projects funded through EM investigate the extent, severity, and/or causes of forest health problems.

Project Proposals for new and continuing projects should be submitted to the FHM Regional Managers. The FHM Regional Managers will, in turn, forward their top selected proposals to the Washington Office. A template for project proposals is attached to this document. All proposals must be developed in close consultation with the Forest Service Forest Health Protection (FHP) staff designated as the FHP sponsor.

Regional FHM Managers are responsible for ranking projects from their respective regions and submitting up to 5 new projects, along with progress reports and proposals from continuing projects, to Tom Eager, FHM Program Manager . Funding levels for the program depend on specific appropriations; therefore, funding available for EM may change based on final budget direction for FY 2020.

EM Project Competition

The purpose of Evaluation Monitoring project is to investigate the extent, severity, and /or cause of forest health issues. Proposed projects should be 1-3 years in duration. Based on current analyses of forest health indicators tracked through the FHM program (see the FHM National Technical Reports and State Highlights, we are particularly interested in project proposals dealing with the following priority issues:

  • Environmental Change and Impacts – long-term effects on forests, forest pests, and/or frequency/severity of fires;
  • Unusual weather events– deviations from normal patterns and related effects;
  • National Risk Map Validation - filling data gaps in insect & disease risk models;
  • Tree mortality – deviations from expected levels;
  • Invasive species – forest disturbances from insects, diseases and/or plants;
  • Fire Disturbances - Fire risk, fuel loading, ecological impacts, and/or restoration of damaged ecosystems.

Information on specific Regional forest health issues and concerns is available from the Regional FHM Program Managers.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Each FHM Region may submit five new EM proposals for consideration by the National EM Panel. 
  • Proposals should address data availability.
  • Projects on non-federal lands need to show non-federal contributions of 50% of the total project costs (1:1 match).
  • For multi-year projects, funding for each requested year is awarded in the year it is needed based on demonstrated progress.


  • Previously funded, multi-year proposals from prior years will be given priority if the investigators have reported sufficient progress by submitting annual requests for continuation by the deadline.