Functional Validation and/or Characterization of Genes or Variants Implicated in Substance Use Disorders (R21/R33 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

US Dept. of Health & Human Services: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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Next deadline: Mar 2, 2023 (Full proposal)

Later deadlines: Jun 26, 2023 (Letter of inquiry), Jul 26, 2023 (Full proposal), Feb 2, 2024 (Letter of inquiry), Mar 4, 2024 (Full proposal), Jun 26, 2024 (Letter of inquiry), Jul 26, 2024 (Full proposal), Feb 1, 2025 (Letter of inquiry), Mar 3, 2025 (Full proposal), Jun 28, 2025 (Letter of inquiry), Jul 28, 2025 (Full proposal)

Grant amount: Up to US $1,000,000

Fields of work: Genetics & Genomics Addiction & Substance Use Disorders Human Genome & Genetics

Applicant type: Government Entity, Nonprofit, For-Profit Business, Indigenous Group

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: Anywhere in the world


NOTE: All applications are due by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.

The purpose of this initiative is to support projects which exploit genome or epigenome editing to functionally validate and characterize genes or variants involved in substance use disorder-relevant phenotypes. It is expected that any genetic resources generated will be made broadly available to the scientific community to enable investigation of the relevant neurobiological mechanisms involved and provide critical foundational knowledge for the development of future prevention, diagnostic, and therapeutic strategies.

Application budgets may not exceed $125,000 per year in direct costs for the R21 phase. Applications may not exceed $250,000 per year in direct costs for the R33 phase. The R21 phase may not exceed two years, while the R33 phase may not exceed 3 years. The total project period may not exceed 5 years.

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