Fund for Women & Girls Grant

Princeton Area Community Foundation

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Grant amount: Up to US $25,000

Anticipated deadline: May 17, 2020 2:00pm PDT

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Training / Capacity Building, Capital Project, Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Mercer County, New Jersey

Location of residency: New Jersey

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About this funder:



Our Vision

A community where women and girls reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of economically vulnerable women and girls in greater Mercer County through community investment, education and collaboration.


The Fund for Women and Girls’ membership is a diverse group of women and men who have come together and pooled their financial resources to invest in organizations and programs aimed at improving the lives of women and children in our community. In addition to providing funding, the members of the Fund for Women and Girls lead the annual grantmaking process; members review applications, conduct site visits, and select the organizations and programs in which FWG will invest.

The Need in Our Community

Globally, women face greater social and economic barriers than men and are more likely to live in poverty. Nonprofit organizations and government agencies that provide women and their families with vital services are stretched thin by increased demand and strained resources. The same is true here in greater Mercer County where, despite pockets of great wealth, the county ranks below the New Jersey state average on many critical health, education, and well-being metrics.

Consistent and inarguable research proves the significance of the first five years of life in determining the cognitive, linguistic, and behavioral characteristics necessary for success in school and life. Further, research has proven the societal economic benefit to investing in children in these first five years. Thus, in order for women to provide a healthy and economically secure future for themselves and their children, they must have access to the following resources: prenatal care and maternal health services, positive role models, education, viable pathways to careers, and affordable, high quality childcare for their children. Only through a network of investment in and support for both women and their children can these resources be assured and the cycle of poverty broken. 

Our Grantmaking

As a thriving constituency within the Princeton Area Community Foundation, the Fund for Women and Girls focuses on providing support to programs and projects that benefit women and children in greater Mercer County. The annual grants process is competitive; FWG awards one-year grants of up to $25,000 each, and at the discretion of the Grants Committee, organizations may be invited to apply for a multi-year grant of up to three years. We encourage tax-exempt 501(c) 3 nonprofit organizations to submit applications each year in April and May. 

What We Invest In

The majority of our grantmaking dollars will be dedicated to proposals that focus on children ages 0-5 and their caregivers, in the following areas:

  • Education and/or childcare
  • Parent support services
  • Prenatal care and/or maternal health

Up to 25% of our grantmaking dollars may be allocated to leadership and mentoring proposals in support of women and girls (of any age).

We will consider projects/programs that support developmental building blocks such as physical and mental health, cognitive and social learning programs, and healthy parenting; projects/programs that support families’ basic needs, such as transportation, childcare, and nutrition. FWG will consider investing in capital projects that support these endeavors.

We place a priority on projects/programs that demonstrate measurable impact, are evidence-based and grounded in best practices. We encourage proposals that foster collaboration among organizations and welcome those that demonstrate innovative ways of thinking about old problems.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code are eligible for funding.
  • Eligible nonprofit organizations must be registered with the State of New Jersey as a charity, unless they are religious organizations or schools that file their curricula with the Department of Education and are exempted from the provisions of the New Jersey Charitable Registration and Investigation Act.


  • We do not invest in:
    • Endowment-building campaigns
    • Fundraising appeals, events, and routine expenses of raising money
    • Field trips, unless part of a larger educational effort
    • Sports teams, unless part of a larger educational effort
    • Sponsorship of conventions
    • Lobbying and other political activities
    • Fraternal and religious activities
    • Tax-supported and government-operated basic programs and services (e.g., core curricular school activities or essential police and fire services)