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Grant amount: £100 - £3,000

Next deadline: Feb 20, 2020

Later deadlines: May 20, 2020, Aug 20, 2020, Nov 20, 2020

Applicant type: Organizations Postdoctoral Researcher Faculty Unaffiliated Researcher Working Professional

Funding uses: Conference, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: United Kingdom

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The Curry Fund exists to support a variety of causes such as facilitating geological publications, including film, video and television productions, geological conservation (for example the purchase, clearance and recording of sites), and other initiatives approved by the Council, including awards to individuals and very limited assistance with travel costs for overseas visitors engaged in geological research.

The primary objective of the Fund is to encourage initiatives within geology which might otherwise not be possible, to encourage innovation and, through far-sighted developments, help a wider public to understand and enjoy geology. These aims are pursued through: 

  • Geological Publication  (including websites, digital and audio-visual media)
    • Support is available both for publications by the Association (other than the normal costs of the Proceedings and the GA Magazine); and for publication by other organisations and individuals.
    • There is at present a limit of £1,500 for website development.
  • Geological Conservation
    • Support is available to organisations (other than the parent Association) undertaking purchase of geological sites for purposes of conservation
    • to organisations undertaking the clearance, maintenance and recording of sites
    • to museums responsible for the curation of geological material
  • Other Initiatives
    • Support is available for other initiatives and developments, subject to approval of Council, including awards to individuals, but excepting the normal administrative costs of the Association.
  • Overseas Visitors 
    • Committee is willing to consider applications (including travel and accommodation expenses) from overseas visitors.
    • Applications should be accompanied by a letter of support from  a UK sponsor.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Funding professional fees and expenses 
    • When an application is received for a grant towards the cost of professional fees or expenses, Committee will normally only consider applications that:
      • involve commitment of funds for no more than one year, or payment of no more than £3,000 over a longer time period
      • present evidence that where a grant of more than £1,000 is being sought, other funding sources have been, or are being, approached to contribute to the overall cost


  • Preference will be given to visitors from poorly funded research environments.


  • Grants are not normally made to support:
    • Expenses of salaried staff  
    • Postgraduate work for a higher degree
    • School or undergraduate expeditions
    • Applications involving retrospective payment
    • Geological research