Georgia Coastal Management Program (GCMP): Coastal Incentive Grant Program

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

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Grant amount: US $25,000 - US $100,000

Next anticipated deadline: Dec 7, 2019 (Pre proposal)

Later anticipated deadlines: Feb 15, 2020 (Full proposal)

Applicant type: Government Entity Public College / University

Funding uses: Applied Project / Program, Education / Outreach, Research

Location of project: Counties in Georgia: Brantley County, Bryan County, Camden County, Charlton County, Chatham County Expand all

Location of residency: Georgia (US state)

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Coastal Incentive Grant Program

Georgia's Coastal Management Program (GCMP) is administered under authority of the Georgia Coastal Management Act, OCGA 12-5-320 et. seq. In accordance with that statute, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR) is designated as the lead agency to cooperate with other agencies in implementing the GCMP through a networked process. The mission of the GCMP is to balance economic development in Georgia's coastal area with preservation of natural, environmental, historic, archaeological and recreational resources for the benefit of Georgia's present and future generations. The GDNR Coastal Resources Division (CRD) administers the GCMP and carries out a number of programs in direct support of GCMP objectives, including the administration of the Coastal Incentive Grant (CIG) Program.

The CIG Program is a competitive pass-through subgrant program made possible by a grant to GDNR from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through Congressional funding pursuant to the Coastal Zone Management Act. Each year, the GCMP allocates a portion of its federal funding to the Coastal Incentive Grants. These subgrants may be awarded to qualified county and municipal governments, regional commissions, state-affiliated research or educational institutions, or state agencies (except GDNR), provided the project takes place entirely within the eleven-county service area of the program. The CIG Program service area includes Brantley, Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Charlton, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long, McIntosh and Wayne counties. The program cycle that makes this opportunity possible is indicated below, however the CIG Public Notice should be read every year when advertised for program specific details.

Funding Themes

The themes of the 2019-2020FY Cycle 22 CIG Program as adopted by the CAC are (bulleted items are provided only as examples):

Oceans and Wetlands

  • Maintaining or improving the quality of wetlands
  • Conservation and restoration of wetland habitats
  • Improved understanding of ocean and wetland habitats and functions

Public Access and Land Conservation

  • Add or enhance physical access for the public to coastal water resources (i.e. rivers, wetlands, beaches)
  • Public access planning
  • Conservation of riparian habitats through acquisition
  • Land conservation, preservation, and/or management
  • Analysis of land conservation needs and opportunities for habitat protection

Sustainable Communities

  • Strengthen local capacity to implement sustainable approaches in planning and development
  • Increase understanding of costs and benefits associated with sustainable approaches to coastal development
  • Identification and preservation of unique community qualities, historical and cultural features, including public education of the above

Disaster Resiliency and Coastal Hazards

  • Improve understanding of coastal hazards and potential impacts
  • Develop, implement or incorporate adaptation and mitigation strategies/plans or policies
  • Strengthen local capacity to implement FEMA’s Community Rating System

Non-Point Source Pollution

  • Improvements to existing urban runoff control structures in coastal watersheds
  • Projects that address stormwater quantity and quality improvements utilizing BMPs recommended by the Georgia Coastal Stormwater Supplement
  • No construction projects are eligible under this theme

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • CIG applicants must meet the following Minimum Eligibility Requirements:
    • Eligible Entities:
      • Only Georgia Qualified Local Governments (counties and municipalities approved by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs) in the eleven-county coastal area, Georgia state government agencies (except DNR), and Georgia government affiliated educational and research institutions are eligible for a CIG sub-grant award.
      • Applications from other parties will be considered if sponsored by an eligible entity.
    • Eligible projects must concentrate entirely or be physically located within at least one of the eleven (11) designated Georgia counties within the GCMP service area.
      • GCMP eligible counties include Brantley, Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Charlton, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, and Wayne.
  • All CIG applications must be matched annually $1.00 federal to $1.00 local (1:1).


  • Year 1 funding is not transferable to Year 2, if applicant submits a two (2) year project.