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Deadline: Rolling

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Malaria Tuberculosis HIV/AIDS

Applicant type: Organizations

Funding uses: General Operating Expense, Project / Program

Location of project: Haiti; Honduras; India; Indonesia; Kazakhstan Show all

Location of residency: Haiti; Honduras; India; Indonesia; Kazakhstan Show all

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NOTE: Applicants are encouraged to submit their funding request as quickly as possible – by 31 May 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Response Mechanism

The COVID-19 Response Mechanism supports countries in responding to COVID-19, mitigating the impact on programs to fight HIV, TB and malaria, and initiating urgent improvements in health and community systems.

With an initial allocation of US$500 million, for countries with an allocation for 2020-2022 the COVID-19 Response Mechanism leverages the principle of country ownership and allows countries to request funding for control and containment, including laboratory networks, supply chains, and community-led responses.

Eligible programming supported by the COVID-19 Response Mechanism are:

  • Interventions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on HIV, TB and malaria disease programs.
  • Actions to reinforce the response to COVID-19.
  • Initiatives to make urgent improvements in health and community systems, including laboratory networks, supply chains and engagement with vulnerable communities.

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  • The Global Fund accepts application documents in English, French or Spanish.