GOCO: Local Park and Outdoor Recreation (LPOR) / Mini Grants

Great Outdoors Colorado

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Grant amount: Up to US $45,000

Anticipated deadline: Oct 24, 2020 4:00pm PDT

Applicant type: Nonprofit Government Entity

Funding uses: Capital Project

Location of project: Colorado

Location of residency: Colorado

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Local Parks & Outdoor Recreation and Mini Grants

Great Outdoors Colorado is pleased to announce our Local Park & Outdoor Recreation (LPOR) and Mini Grant programs, which are designed to assist communities and their partners with outdoor recreation capital improvement projects. Grant requests up to $350,000 for LPOR and $45,000 for mini grants will be considered. The total project cost for mini grants must be $60,000 or less. There is no cap on the total project cost for LPOR. Funds are available for projects such as new park development, environmental education facilities, nature and traditional playgrounds, athletic fields, skate parks, and whitewater parks (this is not an all-inclusive list). Funds are also available for the acquisition of new park lands – lands to be developed with active recreation components – but please be advised that this is a separate application and is available by request only. Projects must be discussed with GOCO Local Government staff prior to application .

GOCO seeks to further its Protect, Connect, and Inspire strategies through the LPOR and mini grant programs by providing funding for the places that get youth and families outdoors. GOCO’s Strategic Plan is at www.goco.org/about-us/strategic-plan

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Cities, counties, and parks and recreation districts are eligible for LPOR and mini grants. Eligible entities can sponsor projects on behalf of school districts, unincorporated cities and towns, community groups, and other ineligible entities.
    • If you do not qualify to apply directly to GOCO, in the case of school districts, non-profit organizations, etc., sponsorship scenarios are possible. In these instances, an eligible local government or special district within your area may partner with your organization to pursue the project. The eligible organization will be responsible for obtaining the necessary approvals via a resolution from their governing body, entering into an intergovernmental agreement (or the like) with the ineligible organization and signing off on all necessary grant materials. At the time of application only a draft IGA or MOU is required.
  • Applicants must provide at least 25% of the total project cost in matching funds, at least 10% of which must be a cash match.
    • Discounts or a donation on any of the above eligible project costs (materials and the labor to complete them) can be counted towards in-kind match. Additionally, the use of applicant or partner equipment and staff time to implement the project can be used as in-kind match. 
    • Land acquired for the purposes of the project within three years of the application date can also be used as match. 
  • Any project requesting GOCO funding must provide reasonable public access.   
  • Projects are required to be completed within two years of the grant award date. 
  • All property on which a proposed project is to be constructed must be owned by or under the control of the applicant or its partners. If the site is owned by partners an agreement must be in place.  
  • Projects must be located outdoors
  • Eligible project costs:
    • Site infrastructure required to complete the project, capital improvements for outdoor recreation amenities, including: restrooms, trails within parks (must start and end within one or connected park properties), skate parks, fishing piers, fairground amenities that are located outdoors, safety surfacing with the exception of pea gravel, swimming pools, environmental education classrooms, disc golf courses, nature play areas, traditional playgrounds, athletic fields and ancillary facilities, design and engineering costs may be used as match and can be included if they are incurred within two years of the application date.


  • Please note: GOCO does not fund maintenance, programming, or non-fixed assets (i.e. lawnmowers, rakes, etc)
  • GOCO Local Government funds cannot be used on federal- or state-owned property unless a long-term use agreement is in place.
  • GOCO funding cannot be used on a property that was acquired through condemnation.  
  • Indoor projects with the exception of environmental education facilities and restrooms will not be considered.  
  • No construction costs incurred prior to grant award can be included as match. 
  • Ineligible project cost/In-kind match:
    • Indoor facilities with exception of those mentioned, any funds expended prior to the grant award date, non-fixed assets (lawnmowers, snow blowers, rakes, etc.), regional or connector trails (GOCO funds these through the Connect Initiative), amphitheaters, golf courses, programmatic costs, operations and maintenance, administrative costs (grand opening events, grant writing or administration, food and drink, etc.), contingency funding.